Coach Shipping Question?

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  1. Okay, so I ordered my Med. Carly in khaki/brass last night......and I ordered it through Express Shipping...I've never done the Express Shipping before, only Standard or Overnight. So I ordered my bag last night, and got express shipping, then when should it be here? Will it be here Monday? Also, is it possible to be delivered on a Saturday?

    Thanks in Advance!!!!!!:heart:
  2. Is it FedEx? FedEx unfortunately doesn't ship on Saturday so it will probably get to you on Monday. Did they send you shipping info yet?
  3. Nope, no info yet:sad: They don't update very often. I will probably get the info tonight. And yes, it's Fed Ex....I didn't think they shipped on Saturdays. Thanks, Ash!
  4. Well it also takes them 1-2 days to even ship it out so I dunno. I hope you get it on Monday!
  5. If you ordered it yesterday before 1pm eastern time the order wont be processed today, therefore overnight shipping only counts "business days" you'll have it monday.

    Edit: that is if you ordered it from Coach and not a department store or anything else
  6. Yeah, me too! But from what candac3 is saying, since I didn't get overnight shipping, it will be here Tuesday. I got it Express (2-3 days), so I guess I won't be getting it until Tuesday.
  7. Just checked the shipping status.....she'll be here MONDAY!!!! Yay!!!!!!:yahoo::wlae:
  8. YAY!!!!!

    Will you be stalking the FedEx man?
  9. oh heck yes! You better believe it! lol!:roflmfao:
  10. fedex only delivers on Saturday two ways:

    1 - if the sender requests it - it costs extra
    2 - if it's shipped HOME DELIVERY which delivers Tues-Sats only.