Coach Shipping Question

  1. Last week I went into my local boutique to do a presale for the PCE. I purchased the belted ergo in plum and the fall patchwork tote. Today my account was charged for both bags, but I only show one bag (the ergo) being shipped. Is this normal? Do they always ship each bag seperate? Since the tote isn't supposed to be released until October, are they going to hold that one? Usually I pick up the bags in the boutique, and don't normally have them shipped, so I don't really know what to expect.
  2. I had the same issue and I emailed them about it. They got back to me this morning and told me that they were being shipped separately since one was coming from jax and the other was coming from California. Just email them and they will give you the tracking number for the other bag. :smile:
  3. Great! Thank you so much!! :smile:
  4. No problem! :smile: