coach shipping problems?

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  1. should i find it ridiculous that when i try to order a keyfob online it says in the shipping info section that shipping for one fob is $4 and then in order review it says it will cost me $8 which makes the fob full price? seriously? i was gonna surprise ship it to a friend but its cheaper to get it in store but that ruins the surprise... i called cs and they said that $8 is the flat rate and thats what i have to pay even though it says $4... what should i do?

  2. ^^That's crazy; if it says $4, shouldn't they abide by that??

    BTW, what is the Service Tax?
  3. i have no idea whatsoever, id get the item in store... but its the poppy travel fob only available in a few select stores they said they'd have to make me pay the $39 now then they'd send it to corp and they'd have to try and override it in the morning and hope it works. i was like oh well ill wait and see if the manager will work with me on monday since i work tomorrow and he said pce was extended so hopefully she can just override shipping for me altogether cuz this is ridiculous i might as well pay fp+ tax instore and ship it myself cuz its the same prcie :rolleyes:
  4. yeah, I was going to order a wallet, but shipping just seemed so high to me for just a wallet so I passed. I am weird like that though. $8.50 for shipping a key fob is crazy!
  5. well its just the fact that in the one spot it says 4 and has said 4 everytime ive tried to checkout but then in the order total section it says $8.50 i dont get it. if it says its cheaper i should only have to pay the $4?
  6. are you having it gift wrapped?
  7. no.
  8. Can you just go to the CS and have them ship it for free
  9. That's exactly why I don't order stuff on, lol. I was this close to using my PCE to order the same keyfob online, but I knew the shipping would make the keyfob the retail price. So I dragged my butt into boutique, somehow avoided the temptation of buying another bag, and ordered the keyfob for something like 28 bucks and free shipping. It was totally worth it to get the shipping waived by going to the boutique.
  10. yea im about to go do it instore and see if they'll honor pce late i had to work all week last week and i couldnt go in so im gonna try to sort it out now