Coach Shipping Annoyance

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  1. I ordered a few small items a couple of days ago, and received a box today. I opened it up, and there was only 1 item! I thought that was weird because all 3 are in stock. I emailed them about the order and they said that all 3 shipped in the same box! Uh, no. Only 1 did. They can't even keep the orders straight at this point! :tdown: I let them know that I didn't get my other 2 items, and I'm still waiting to hear back about it.
  2. Oh that stinks! Sorry to hear that. I hope they get everything cleared up for you.

    ya kno - I don't like having Coach send things to my house because I've had some issues in the past too. Luckily my boutique is 4 minutes away so I just have everything sent to the store and then pick it up.

    Good Luck to you!
  3. I did it for the free shipping, plus not all the items were at the boutique yet. All boutiques aren't equal...

    But anyway, now a different person said it was shipped seperately because of the liquidity factor involved with one item. So I'll get the rest of it late next week, even though everything is in stock NOW. :confused1:
    They could have saved themselves shipping $ by just putting the 2 other items in the box too! Its all at the same warehouse.
  4. people still physically pack the box. it couldve just been a (human) mistake that they didnt want to fess up to
  5. Ugh. I am glad that they are not assuming that you are lying.
  6. Did you order perfume? Perfume can not be shipped on airplanes, thus it has to go ground. It's a usps shipping rule. So it could apply to fedex as well. Just a thought.
  7. I think the "high liquidity" item was a reference to the Legacy lipgloss charm. That's what arrived today minus the rest of the order. It took a few CSAs to get to the root of the issue. They do respond fast to your email, but they don't necessarily look into the issue.

    I actually had another recent shipping issue seperate from this one. I ordered 3 keyfobs- 2 were the same, and all 3 were to go to the store for pick-up. Well that didn't happen. 1 showed up at my PO Box. 1 went to the store. 1 didn't get ordered! lol...golly! I have no idea how they got split like that. I think some SAs don't know how to work the computer still, and I can see this happening over the holidays with the new and temp hires. :wtf: