Coach setting off sensors?


Nov 30, 2006
Hi everyone,

A couple months ago, I went to the mall and my Coach wallet kept setting off the sensors. You know the whole beeping alarm noise? So annoying! I even emptied my wallet and it still happened, so I stopped carrying it.

I've been using a wristlet to carry my cash/cards, but I miss my wallet. Has anyone else had this problem?
YES! this happened to me too! the SAs just waved me through because I just bought alot of crap from them and they know me but it was actually an older Coach bag I bought last year that STILL had the sticky plastic sensor way down at the bottom of the bag! I didn't even realize it was there! check your bag down there....(and give it a complete physical while your'e at it....)
Haha, mystery solved! I guess I didn't look hard enough.. I just found a sensor deep down in one of the CC pockets! It's weird because I bought the wallet over a year ago and I didn't always set off store alarms during one of my many mall runs.

Thank you kallison and bagsnshoofetish! I am finally going to use my wallet again! :heart:
I once had an accordion wallet from Coach and it had FOUR sensors inside of it!! When I finally removed all of them I finally stopped setting off alarms.
LOL!! Had the same problem with a sensor inside my cosmetic pouch! I finally figured out that it was the sticky inside of it that was causing problems! It's very embarrassing though!
oh wow, i finally understand!!! hmm I carry my longchamp with a bunch of coach stuff thrown in.. and the beeper in EVERY store goes off when I walk through, I always feeel like a criminal haha
Man, I wish I had found this website earlier, I have several coach bags that I have bought from the outlet stores and they all seem to beep when I go into a store. Most of the time I didn't care because I knew that I had paid for them, but since it is the holidays and store security is tight, everywhere I go they stop me when I leave or enter.... I was getting ready to put my girls away, but when I get home I am going to search the bag for the sensors, I thought I had done that and found nothing but maybe I haven't looked good.
Funny this has happened to another member. After that post i checked my wristlet and found one in my legecy wristlet, i'm so surprised i didnt set any sensors off.

glad you were able to locate your sticky....and you're able to use your wallet again.
Those things are so annoying! I used to work as a cashier at a hardware store and we put them on everything over $10! You always had to make sure to run it over the deactivation panel so people wouldn't set off alarms. We also had people not buy anything but set the alarm off and it was because there was one in their coat or shoe that didn't get deactivated when they bought it! Those things are all about magnets, if you run a magnet over them they will deactivate or sometimes reactivate lol!
And when I bought my bag at Coach a few weeks ago I set the alarm off when I walked out, but she just told me it was okay. I didn't set it off anywhere else, but when I went to return the bag I set it off going in too! Luckily, they didn't question it!
I am glad you solved the mystery!
I always have a problem going INTO Coach. I wear alot of Old Navy, Gap and they sew those sensors in now, and I ALWAYS forget to cut them out. I walked into the Coach outlet one day and it went off, and I said "Don't worry, it's only my pants" they looked at me like I was nuts!! lol
I set off the alarms going into Belk's last weekend. I thought it was my son's Old Navy jeans until we went to leave and he passed through with no problem. Nope, it was my Coach bag. They just waived us on since we'd only been to the makeup counter and the girls working the counters saw it go off both times.