Coach sent my stuff to the wrong address

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  1. I had to special order almost everything I bought during the PCE. I specifically requested the packages be sent to my work address, and even wrote it down on their copy of the receipt. I was told that the shipper would be notified.

    So of course, I tracked the packages for the past couple days, they were on the truck for delivery. And were sent to the WRONG ADDRESS, my home. Like most people, I have a job, so that is why I ask for things to be shipped to my office. They are now back on the truck.

    I am pretty pissed. I want to call Coach and complain, but what good would it do? It's out of their hands now. And I don't want to be a b*tch about it. I am just really mad. I have been waiting a week now for some of this stuff. And now I will probably have to stay home or go home early tomorrow just to receive my packages. GRR!!

    Should I call? Or just make sure to mention it next time I'm in there? I remember the SA who PROMISED me she would notify the shipper and didn't.
  2. Sorry this happened. That is so frustrating. Knowing me, I would stay at home tomorrow until it arrives. Or call Fed Ex see if you could pick it up.
  3. So sorry this happened. I would stay home tomorrow until it arrives because it may just end up being a wild goose chase.
  4. i'm assuming you pre-ordered and so they took down your list, and the cc info and stuff.

    to be fair, the stores have orders that have to be filled in before 10am. and most of them would arrive at the store around 7-8am, depending on the hours given in payroll, plus for mall stores there is the holiday hours means stretched hours on payroll

    anyways. back to subject.

    should you complain? if it was a hassle yes. not a complain so much as a heads up to let them know, then they can make sure whoever did the ringing up would be more careful next time.

    its all about customer service, i'd say, "hopefully i'm the only one this has happened to, otherwise you'd have a lot of angry customers banging down your door!"

    expect an apology and if there is one, then it'll be fine. because it is somewhat troubling. but at least it's not that bad (there are worst things that can happen, trust me)

    and if anything, just order and ship it to that store next time! unless you ordered a truck

    as for the SA that promised. tsk.tsk. that's the worst. i hate making promises during this time b/c of all the holiday frenzy but if i do make one, i tell myself i better make good on it.

    otherwise...well..this happens.

    hopefully you won't have to wait long! fed ex can be a pain in the ass sometimes.
  5. So sorry to hear about that! I dont think it would be b--chy at all if you say something - it's not right that a customer requested something specific, was told it would be done, and then it was not!

    I would start by calling the store. If it is their mistake, they should do something to compensate you (or at least know about it to ensure it does not happen again). If the mistake was on the part of Fed Ex, they should also be made aware b/c if Fed Ex delivers it to the wrong address and someone grabs it they will either have to send you another bag or make Fed Ex compensate you, and I'm sure they'd prefer not to have to go through that.

    If the store doesn't address it in a way you're satisfied with, I would call customer service.
  6. Normally they ship to the address that matches your credit card bill (home address)--unless you have the order shipped to the store--I wonder if you had a new SA that did not know this? I would maybe call and see if it is even possible to have stuff shipped to your office, and if it is, then I would probably mention that they shipped it to your home instead.