Coach scribbles tote

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  1. I am able to find the coach scribbles tote here in Hawaii at the outlet for 198.00 with tax included. I dont have alot of coach but I have always been in LOVE with the coach scribbles with the turquoise. I was looking at ebay to compare and they are well over three hundred dollars... Here is a link to the bag I am talking about. I dont know styles or seasons so please forgive!!

    Is the satin super easy to get dirty? I have only tokidoki bags and they are so easy to clean, is scotchguard a good way to protect the satin? I really want this bag but I am afraid its going to get ruined and I will have spent money on a bag I will be too afraid to use. Any input is greatly appreciated!!
  2. no one wants to help me?
  3. I don't know enough about this bag to help you.

    Someone will come along with knowledge of this bag!:yes:
  4. All Coach fabric is treated to be stain resistant, and the scribble fabric is fairly easy to keep clean. I don't know if it can be scotch guarded, but any dirt can usually be wiped off with a baby wipe or shout wipe.
  5. I have never seen a scribble with the nylon satin. It's always been a soft cotton feel fabric. It's all pretreated with scotch guard to help repel stains. Coach recommends a damp cloth and a mild soap to clean the fabric.
  6. I store all my stuff in little bags to keep the lining on my bags clean - makeup in makeup case. Pens in make up case, etc.

    Plus I use a chameleon handbag liner.
  7. Hi,

    I don't have this bag, but the fact that the bottom is pebbled leather should make it more durable. I'd recommend getting the Coach fabric spot cleaner so you have it in case you need it.

    It has lots of bright colors, which are great and may hide some stains.

    Maybe some SA's can give their expert advice?

    BTW, I just discovered Tokidoki and think it's adorable! I'm looking for one of the three zipper cosmetic cases now!
  8. I don't have this bag either but I wanted to say that I just went to the outlet a few days ago and looked at that exact bag and at the oulet it was still over $300.. sounds like you are getting a great deal!!! :tup: I say if you can afford it get it and enjoy it.. you only live once!!! (enabling!) :wlae:
  9. thanks guys!! I am still thinking about it (Coach is a beautiful bag, but I love to throw about my tokidokis) so im still up in the air. Does anyone know if the bag bottom gets dirty easier because of the pebbled leather?

    Thank you for all your imput!

    tejasmama- I love tokidoki!! It just instantly makes me happy! :biggrin:
  10. white anything is prone to attract dirt. The bad thing about the pebbled leather is Coach doesn't recommend using any products on it to clean, as it could leave a stain.
  11. I just got this at the outlet in tannersville, pa for $250 with tax....but I've never had one with that fabric I don't know about how hard it will be to keep clean.
  12. I have the small scribble tote (mine doesn't have the leather on the bottom). It does get dirty easily because it's white. I've found it super easy to clean too with baby wipes, especially if I clean the dirt right away. Good luck!

  13. :yes:Exactly what she said:okay:
  14. I have three scribbles, two are white-butnot this print, my small hobo is pretty dirty, but i've had it for almost 2 years, and it isn't like brown, but it looks a little dingy? my newest hamptons scribble tote that i got this spring is still very clean, but i've been extra careful i just somehow think that the brighter colors of that scribble pattern will make the bag seem dirtier? i don't know, but IME they take awhile to get diry, and unless you get actual stains or pen or something on them, they don't show the dirt that bad.