Coach Scribble Shoulder Tote

  1. Maybe somebody will post this in the new Reviews section...perhaps you can ask there?
  2. I have never been a huge fan of the scribble line but this bag would be great for summer.

    I actually really like it.
  3. It's really pretty! I was thinking of getting the Scribble myself but I read that they are very difficult to keep clean so I decided against it.
  4. I love the tote style and the scribble is really cute!! I say get it!!!
  5. i love that tote i wanted that when it came out but it went sooo fast i didnt get a chance to get one. it is sooo pretty.
  6. I actually bought and returned that bag when it was out originally....not that I didn't love it...just decided it was too much money at that time.
  7. i absolutely love that bag .. i was at my outlet friday and they had a ton of them .. i would have bought one except for the fact that i bought this years
  8. I don't have that shoulder tote, but I do have a shoulder tote and love it. They carry lots of stuff and they're comfortable. That looks like a really cute one for summer!
  9. Hi, I don't have that exact tote, but I do have 2 shoulder totes & they are my absolute favorites! They are very comfy & hold a ton!