Coach Scribble purses

  1. I know, I know, I'm way behind... But I always wanted one of those. I think I like that it HAS white but it's not just white. You know what I mean? Anyway, is it worth looking for or can someone talk me out of them? Lol! I don't want a small purse (I have enough small Coach purses and they don't hold everything I have) so I'm thinking either a tote or hobo.
  2. I have one - the background is white and the C's are in pastel colors. I love mine, and I carry it all the time but it's such a summery bag and summer is almost over. Would you carry it all year round?
  3. I think they are kind of cute, but agree they seem very summery and hard to keep clean.. but you can probably get a great deal on one because they were at the outlets a while ago and the season is almost over. :tup:
  4. I love my Scribble Demi, but yeah you do need to be careful and keep it clean. It's a fun bag. but more of a Spring/Summer than a Fall bag. Might be a good time though to get a good deal on one.
  5. Good point. Hmm, now I feel like I want a good fall back - even tho the ones I already have are appropriate for fall (one black, one brown)!
  6. They are great but not for a everyday bag. They will get too dirty.
  7. I've actually carried mine around a lot this summer and I haven't gotten it dirty at all! :smile:
  8. i have 2 small hobos from last year- the pastel and then i have the large tote from this year- it's pastel but a little darker......i love that tote,and it really doesn't get that dirty-like when you look at it closely your like oh god... but i mean i washed mine for the first time last month- they won't turn black you know what i mean? they just look kinda dingy.....anyway i say go for it! i just put mine in the bathtub with about 2 or 3 inches of water and some woolite- an d scrubbed came out fine! and clean- then i just moisturized the leather when it was dry- and yeah it's uh fine! so go for it! and don't worry about the dirt!

  9. and these are last years hobos
  10. I just sold a tote on eBay yesterday actually, and I got almost what I paid for it at the outlet. They're cute and they're out there to get but they are summery and you might not be able to find such a great deal.
  11. I love my scribble tote! It's a great bag & hasn't good dirty at all!
  12. I bought last year's large hobo on eBay and I really like it. I haven't been using it for long but I'm hoping it will clean up with some soap and water if it gets dirty. If you love it and will use it next summer than go for it.
  13. The scribble wristlets were at the outlet on Friday for an additional 30% off!
  14. i was actually trying to sell my multicolored hobo from 2005 (the deeper colors, not pastel)... i still dont really want it but decided to keep it since i feel i should keep my coach investments.

    however, it is a very cute pattern.
  15. I just bought the older bolder scribble patterened large hobo. Got an awesome deal on CL for it. The girl who owned it before me was afraid to carry it because it was white. I have gotten it dirty but it cleans right up with a damp cloth and little mild soap (Ivory dish soap works best). I know my bag is at least 2 years old and it's dated but I love it. I loved it when it came out and have wanted it since I first saw it. I figure 2 years later and I still want it? Time to buy one. Check your local Craigs list if you live in a bigger town and see if you can find one for cheap. The ones on eBay are still pretty pricey. I agree with everyone else though it's a summer bag but you still have a little time to use it. :smile: