Coach Scribble Hobos?

  1. Hey guys.. I'm totally new to this!
    I joined this forum because of my Coach obsession.. lol
    anyway I was hoping you guys could help me find coach scribble hobo #5657!!!
    i can't find it on e-bay at all.. all they have are the large pastel hobos
    and i know for sure they don't sell them in the Coach stores anymore

    Any suggestions?
    and btw.. I live in Toronto Canada, I'm not quite sure if we have any outlets near us

    any information would be greatly appreciated. thanks :smile:
  2. Superstar - Unfortunately it looks like that one doesn't ship to Canada and the OP is in Toronto. Maybe if she emailed them and asked, though? Who knows.

    duztbunnie00 - Have you checked at Holt Renfrew? There was a scribble hobo like that at the Vancouver store during their Last Call sale recently but I can't for the life of me remember what size it was.
  3. I didn't even look at that. I tried :shrugs: sorry.
  4. thanks a lot guys!
    very nice of you..
    i have been to holt recently
    but i didn't see any scribbles! =(
    hopefully with time there will be more on e-bay
    i've seen a lot of the pastels, but they are all used ones :hrmm:
    i guess i shouldn't complain because it's a style from last year