Coach Scribble Hamptons Weekend Tote

  1. Hi~
    So what do you all think of the new scribble totes at the outlets? They come in pink, blue and green. I've seen a few on eBay and most want alot more than what they are in the outlets.
    Do you think there cute ?;)
  2. i actually havent seen them. can you post a pic or link?
  3. I haven't seen them either. Those just came out this week, I believe.
  4. [​IMG]
  5. I saw them this weekend.
    LOVE them!
    Very spring-like!
    See these on eBay
  6. Here it is in pink.
  7. I love it! I have to get myself to an outlet to get one. It reminds me of last year's khaki/bronze scribble pattern.
  8. Ohhhh I need the PINK one. Any idea how much $$ at the outlets?
  9. I think its $159 plus tax!!!
  10. Aw, I hate to be the only negative one, but I don't like them. They are exactly like last year's solid ones but they left off the leather tag on the front. I thought it was fake when I saw it the first time. Why did they not put it on there? I also don't like the tan handles. They don't seem to go with the bag. Don't throw things at me.:push:
  11. I like it. Much nicer than the khaki color that came out last spring.
  12. i totally agree.

    and, trust me, it takes a lot for me to NOT buy stuff in pink...
  13. Now I feel better. It's not just me.
  14. this is my first time seeing the pink scribble, i think that a small hobo or pouch will be nice in this design.
  15. I'm the SAME. I LOVE Pink, but this doesn't really do it for me. I think a wristlet may be cute in it, but I'm not feeling the tote.