Coach Screensavers and Wallpapers!

  1. i can't believe you haven't seen those before! i've had that legacy stripe one as my wallpaper for months! it always makes me smile!
  2. I know! Where have I been? LOL. Spending too much time here.
  3. Neat!! I had no idea those existed on!
  4. <-- I steal them and make avatars out of the thumbnails.

    but the big hearts one will be my wallpaper at work this week.

    I check them out regularly..i have a bunch on my work PC from last year...LOVE the bee/flower/scribble one from last summer.
  5. I didn't know that was there either, nice stripe will look nice today.
  6. lol. They are cute!
  7. Yeah I love them...I was so upset though because when I switched from a PC to a mac it took me a really long time to figure out how to make the screen saver work on the instead I was downloading the wall paper and pics and using them as my screen saver....but just this month I finally figured out how to make the screen saver work on the now I'm back to official coach!!!!
  8. My Dad probably won't appreciate me putting the Zoe clutches on his computer huh?
  9. ^just tell him it's a hint and that you've been a very good daughter!
  10. ^^^ Oh goodness no! LOL. He does not need to know how much my bags cost. LOL. It's bad enough, "oh ANOTHER bag!"

    We had gotten him a Coach wallet, and then had to return it because it was too small. He bought a nice Fossil wallet but balked at the $25 price. LOL.
  11. ^haha. sounds like my mom. i bought her a bag on clearance at tj maxx and she was all upset at $20! and considering i've been lying to her about the cost of my bags (yes, she really believes my legacy bag was only $40), i think it's safe to say she would freak out if she found out how much my collection has cost me! :wtf:
  12. I have last spring's Scrbble as my screensaver. Everyone who sees my PC goes 'Oh My God-you have a Coach screensaver!!!':wtf:
  13. Neat! I didn't know they have that!
  14. I have a pink optics which i love from years before!. I love the wallpapers thanks!