Coach Scarves!

  1. hey everyone!!! i'm interested in getting a coach scarf and i know that there are several ways of using it - tying it to a bag, on to the neck, as a belt etc. what i'm interested in, is how do you wear it on your hair? i would love to try that, but i don't want to look silly :graucho: could you guys please post pics of ya wearing the scarves in your hair?
  2. i JUST erased the one with me in a green scarf tied as a hairband :sad:

    will do as soon as i charge my camera and find my the process of rearranging my room and laundry. goodness the piles of clothes!
  3. okies great! can't wait to see pics! i tried to rearrange my room yday and fell asleep halfway. hahaha. it looks worse than before now! i hope ya do much better than me!
  4. i'll take some pics tomorrow...once i have on makeup and my hair is looking better, lol!
  5. Sometimes I tied them in the actual hair band, and did a nice bow!.. That looked cute. Or wearing them as a headband.. and tying it in a double knot beneath you hair, I like the "trail" that the ponytail scarf leaves.. like coming out of your hair.
    Sorry if none of this made sense!
  6. any pics? it all sounds very marvellous though!
  7. I want to know how one ties the pony scarf around the head and not have it slide off at all!
  8. Mine slides off if my hair is in a pony tail and I just have it wrapped around my head (looks so cute on other girls but I can't make it work)...but if I have it wrapped around my head with my hair down (like a headband) it totally stays in place. Now some of my LONGER skinny scarves will loosen up and slide off...but if you tie the pony tight enough it stays ...and I have very straight slippery hair!
  9. A little late here but thanks for the tip!!!
  10. What about square scarves? I just bought one and I don't know what the heck I'm going to do with it!
  11. I'm waiting until the heart scarf comes out in February to get my first scarf! (Unless I find something at the outlet first.) I'm so excited!