Coach scarves

  1. I know a lot of you get those cute little scarves to put on your bags. But does anyone actually ever wear them on your body? I'm talking about scarves like :
    I was thinking of getting one of those, but would it be weird to wear one around your neck?:confused1:
  2. Well, I wear them on my head, but not on my neck. I would IF I knew how to tie them like the SAs! I have thought about going in for a lesson :smile:
  3. I have purchased and wound up returning several of those types of scarves because I just dont know what to do with them!! Now the ponytail scarves on the other hand - LOVE them on the purses. They are the perfect size to make a bow.
  4. I love the way scarves look on the neck. When I practice with my Hermes Carre book I will post pics and give directions. sound good?
  5. Awesome!
  6. my SA taught me how to tie it around the neck and it's just a simple knot. Very easy. I love the way they look on the SAs but when I wear it, I feel like I am impersonating an SA at the Coach store. I kinda feel stupid so I only tie it around my bags.
  7. Same here my SA taught me how to tie it around my neck. But it never comes out the same. I need to get more lessons.
  8. I am in love with my Coach scarves!!! I have about seventy of them, no lie. If I can't justify a bag, I will just get the scarf, so I have the polka dot scarf, off colors of bags that I just shouldn't get, neat prints. I never leave the outlet without at least three scarves.

    Girls, buy three ponytail scarves. In the spring and summer, tie them in a bow on your ankles, and the last one on your bag or on your neck. People can't take it. Then, try this season to tie them on your ankles with your boots. Great fashion! What do you all think?

  9. haha, that's exactly how i feel. I tried to do it but no luck. I feel retarded and the way you feel about impersonating an SA. So my bags get to be the one to show off the scarf.
  10. I think it looks gorgeous when people do that! I'm like coachfreak, I wouldn't know how to do it right. But I definitely love that look!
  11. Oh, I guess you guys are right, you would kinda feel like a flight attendent or something. I think certain people can pull it off, but I couldn't.
  12. I am very interested to see some model pics. I live in a cold climate a real scarf from banana republic or Gap will suit for the winter. However I think coach scarf is really cute for the fall or early spring..:tup:

  13. Same here. I dont think I could pull it off. My head is to small to wear one on my head. So I am stuck putting it on my purse.
  14. I have the Tattersall one (since I work at Coach for the holidays!) and I HAVE worn it on my head like a headband, but I like it better around my neck.
  15. This cracked me up ! I would feel the same way ! Anyway, I have a question about scarves too. I got a pontytail scarve for my Ali bag and I can't get either until christmas per my agreement with DH but anyway, when i tie it just in a regular knot, it hangs lower than the bag which kind of annoys me if i am setting it down on a table. I could do a one sidd bow which would be cool but my question is, does anybody pin their scarves so that they don't lose them off of their bags ?