Coach Scarves Question

  1. I'm sure all of you love Coach scarves as much as I do. I know they're made of 100% silk, unlike a lot of other brands, but this is presenting a problem for me-- when I try to use one of the ponytail scarves as a headband, tying the knot at the back of the base of my head, it just slips off! What do you guys do to keep it on your head? I know there's a thread up about cutting them up and making headbands but I'd really rather just keep my pretty scarves whole-- any tips or tricks? Where do I put bobbi pins where they will stay hidden but be effective? Would hairspray, roughening up my hair, help? Pictures, anyone?

  2. I have to reposition mine occasionally - but it's not a problem. Sometimes I put a bobby pin on the scarf behind each ear which helps a bit. Don't tie it too tight or the knot will ride up the back of your head and then the scarf will slip back.
  3. I find that they stay better if you tie them as low as possible... also if they are flat across the top, with some bangs coming out - that seems to help too?? :shrugs:

    I've heard of people putting bobby pins on the sides, behind the ear area - I don't do that very often because I was worn out from using bobby pins during my dancing days, they annoy me now... ;) but I used to use them in HS and it would work for a school day.
  4. If I'm wearing my hair down, I stick two bobby pins (one on each side) facing downwards below my ears <~ does that make sense? That usually does the trick... and my hair covers the bobby pins. If my hair is pulled back into a pony tail or a bun, I usually fold the scarf in half (or else it is too thick) and I put the bobby pins in the same area (low, behind my ears); but, instead of sliding the bobby pins over both folds of the scarf, I just slide them over the bottom one so the top fold covers the bobby pin. <~ Does that make sense? It's kind of hard to explain. I'm at work right now, but I'll try and take some pics to post later on once I'm at home...

    Hope that helps... a little... :shrugs:
  5. I actually use 2 bobby pins on each side. The slipping poses a severe problem for me and drives me crazy. I make the bobby pins cross each other behind the ear and it works super well.
  6. ^that was my suggestion, exactly. bobby pins behind the ears. and don't do a super tight knot- keep it loose.
  7. Yeah, I agree with the bobby pin ideas. Also, I started wearing a really thin elastic headband, and tying the scarf over it; for some reason, I'm not having that slipping problem as much anymore - maybe the headband provides a little friction for it to stay in place?
  8. two boby pins crossed over going opposite directions or a snap hair clip.
  9. I've been having the same problem...i tried one bobby pin, that didn't work.
    Ill have to try this two on each side idea..
  10. my hair is too short for good luck with the bobby pin thing
  11. Today I tried the bobby pin thing with my new Legacy Stripe Ponytail scarf, and it seems to work okay, the elastic headband also seems to work great! Thanks ladies!