Coach Scarfs

  1. Does anyone here own any? I'm thinking about buying a couple.. but I'm not sure if or how I'd wear it! Are they worth buying?

    Do you wear yours often? Also, how do you wear it?

  2. I have a signature scarf that I use as a belt.. it's cute!! And plus it's EASY.. I'm not talented enough to figure out how to tie it around a bag so it looks all pretty LOL!
  3. I have two I use as belts, quite a few ponytail ones (4?!), and one square with I can't figure out what to do with. :biggrin: I've been meaning to ask that, how do you tie a square scarf on a purse without making it look bad??

    I'll take photos tomorrow when it's not past my bedtime!
  4. I actually bought like 10 for presents for my cousins... and my mom has many.

    My mom just wraps them around her neck and there are also types that are long and rectangular, so you can use it as a belt as many of the other people have said. She has a lot of signature ones in light colors and I borrow them sometimes to use as headbands to wrap around my head.

    I'm looking to get a big Emilio Pucci scarf to wrap around my head!!! :heart:
  5. At the moment I have one, a regular square one I use to tie onto my bag.



    I love it, I definitely want more scarves! I used to have a green ponytail scarf but not anymore. Ponytail scarves are what I want really bad right now, theyre just so cute in my hair! I dont put them in my ponytail though, I place it on the top of my head and tie it at the back of my neck.
  6. Your scarf is really pretty:girlsigh: . The colour compliments your bag well.
  7. I have a few ponytail scarfs, a few bandana size ones, and a larger one. I use them in my hair, around my wrist, tied onto a bag. And I just saw an article in a mag a few months bag about making scarfs handbags just by tieing some knots...was gonna try that too!
  8. I have one pony that I will use as a headband.
  9. i have a slik and a wool. i tie the silk in my hiar, i wera it around my neck, i use it as a belt, and i even tie it on my bag sometimes. my wool one is the winter muffler, that kind a speaks for its own use
  10. I use them for my hair and my bags.
  11. I'm thinking I want to buy a few ponytail scarves and use them as headbands... I hope I can pull it off. I havent worn a headband since I was five... but they're cute on everyone I've seen lately! :upsidedown:
  12. I only have one & I don't usually use it in my hair. Mostly on my signature bags it looks really great on them.
  13. Go for it Vickitoria!
  14. same as abandoned images and then i tie a bow in the back. unexpected for very ungirly girl. i know how to tie the bows, want me to take step by step pictures? my SA taught me how. i also like to do that for my hairones, they make it neater the way you roll them.

    OMG HOW DO YOU MAKE SCARF BAGS? theres this scarf from burberry i just adore and wish they made a bag out of..
  15. The article was in the May 2006 Blueprint magazine...different size scarfs can be different style's of bag...

    Try this link and after the graphics load you should see something that says "3 simple scarf bag patterns"