Coach Scarf Print Help!

  1. I love the coach scarf print, specifically this


    I was wondering if anyone knew all the bags/wristlets that had this print? Also it's not on the website anymore, does that mean it's in the outlets? I'm planning a trip to Buffalo soon and was hoping it would be there. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  2. Did you want to know the names of the bags, or pics of them?

    I'm not sure if there at the outlets yet, maybe someone can help with that. I would love to pick up a piece if they are!
  3. The shoulder bag shown was a Department Store only bag. It came in a file bag and a make up bag. Not sure what else.
  4. Pics would be great, but if anyone has just the names that would be good too. I just want to know what options I have, cause I definitely have to get something in that print! :biggrin:
  5. I got 2 scarf print bags at the coach store
    scarf print small hobo in the same color scheme

    and a wristlet like this one:
  6. Here are 2 of the bags I know they had out.. (They also had a cosmetic bag, wristlet, etc.. you might be able to see some pics of those up on eBay)

    Also - I'm not sure of any of the retail prices except for the wristlet, which I believe was $98 USD.
    11116_d1.jpg 11117_d1.jpg
  7. I got my scarf print ergo at the outlet ! It was a great deal too !!! :woohoo:
    It was at the Osage Beach outlet.
  8. Ive been looking at these on eBay. They have alot at some very good prices if you dont live near an outlet. I believe they had a pouch for 86.00
  9. they also made it in an ergo hobo

    (borrowed this picture from eBay)
  10. I think they went to the outlets in Late August. I say this because when I went to buy the oblong scarf, an SA told me the scarf print items were no longer available in stores.

  11. Thanks for all the help ladies (if there's anymore, keep 'em coming!) But I am in love with


    Hopefully they have one in the Buffalo or Philadelphia outlets.. its gorgeous!
  12. though this isn't the right color, they had them in this style - ergo tote: