Coach Scarf for my bags

  1. I was pretty bored during lunchtime. So, my girlfriend & I went to Coach and I ended up with a lil' sumthin for myself. I'm contented and it made my day :biggrin: .. hehehehe. Was thinking.. just the perfect thing to go along with my brown Guccisima hobo, green LV baggy pm and black duffle Coach bag. :graucho:

    Its of this design but I got it green/white. Sorry, can't find a pic of it. I'll update after taking a pic of it.

  2. Did COACH ever have that font on their products? This is something I've been wondering for a while because I see scarves like that all over eBay.
  3. Hi

    I just tied my coach scarf to my gucci. Apparently, mine didn't have a border like the one in the pic attached. Sorry. I guessed I must have done it in a rush and excited with my new purchase and didnt take a second look at the pic i posted and worst still, coach site didnt have a pic of the scarf i bought. Anyway, as promised, I will take photo of the scarf when I get home... heheheheh. Sorry all.

    Abandonedimages - To answer your question, I'm not soo sure about the prints of scarfs sold on ebay. Personally, I don't trust ebay anyway. Almost all are fakes. So, best to avoid it. Come to think of it. The pic I posted didn't looked good at all. Again, my apologies.