Coach scammer caught red handed in the store

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  1. I meant to post on Sunday as that it was too funny. I was shopping in my local boutique on Sunday with my favorite SA. She was helping me pick out a new bag for myself and Xmas gifts for my sisters.

    As we were talking she looked distracted and I asked her if everything was okay. She told me to turn around and pointed towards a woman carrying a Maggie. She said, "You see that woman? We ordered that bag for her, then she called three months later to claim she never got it. Then she filled a chargeback on her credit card!"

    The woman had the audacity to walk into the store with the bag she filed a chargeback on just two weeks prior! Some people just have balls (pardon my French) :nuts:
  2. Wow. I'm speechless. That's insane. Some people. *shakes head*
  3. Did they do anything about it?
  4. Doesn't Coach use any sort of tracking/insurance when they send something through mail/UPS/etc? You would think corporate would have been able to simply point to the tracking results to negate any false claims. I admit I've never had Coach ship anything through the mail, but it's not like their products cost peanuts, especially full price -- you'd think they'd have some sort of tracking in place.

    Did your SA say there was tracking that the bag definitely had not been delivered? Or is only corporate privy to that info?

    (I ask, because if the bag really didn't get there, three months plus a few weeks would have certainly been enough time for her to have purchased or received the bag from somewhere else.)
  5. Is it possible that she really hadn't received it? And went out and bought it?

    If it were me and I didn't receive an item I would still be going out to buy it! And would go into my local Coach store just to show them that I got it no thanks to them!
  6. Yeah, I'd assume the same thing as aiyiyi before I assumed she'd scammed her way into getting that purse for free.... that's almost too ballsy to be plausible. Maybe she really didn't get the bag, then saw one on e-bay that was cheaper than FP. This seems more likely to me. Just a thought.
  7. But I wonder why the SA assumed it was the same (lost) bag, and not one that she decided to pick up in person some place else? If that happened to me, (a bag lost in the mail) I'd probably be picking out my bags in person for quite a while.

  8. Heh. That last part is what I was wondering too. ;)
    When various purchases (retail, ebay, or otherwise) legitimately have not arrived through the mail, my hubby has often tried to "make it up to me" by quickly locating it somewhere else.
  9. I've ordered things a number of times from other coach stores to my house and they WILL NOT leave it unless you personally sign for it. I agree... maybe she went out and bought it after she didn't recieve it. That's what I would do.
  10. No way - you would do that!!?? I don't believe it. :roflmfao:

    I recall you doing something similar with your Julia Gunmetal hobo after we went to go get it in Syracuse and then you marched her right into our store. :graucho:
  11. I had them send me a box with fingernail polish in it but no purse around christmas last year. I called to check on the bag and was told it was delivered. I then had them trace it and found that the box only weighed 1.5 pounds which is not a bag. They sent me a new one right away. I had to sign for a package in Vegas when I lived there but in Vancouver WA I don't ever have to sign except with this purse.

    What about those people in the store carrying a fake...and a bad fake at that. You are gonna come into a FP store carrying a bag you know you didn't buy from Coach. I just find that so strange.
  12. Now that's good tracking. As I said, I would have really surprised me if they'd have nothing at all. They're a big, saavy company, selling products that cost a respectable amount. And I would hope most people know that chargebacks actually are investigated by the credit card banks.

    Yeah, I'm leaning more now to my initial concern -- that maybe she really didn't get it.

    (Not too long ago, I'd ordered something from an ebayer in Alaska. Weeks went by and it honestly never showed up. I'm sure the seller probably didn't believe me at first, despite the fact that she "made it right" by sending a second. And of course, had I been in her shoes, I too would have naturally doubted a claim that it never arrived (it had no tracking). But I gather she was surprised when it bounced back to her over a month later ... somehow the address had gotten wet, and it must have bounced around in the mail for a while before being returned. ... But either way, had she not sent a second, I certainly would have purchased an identical item elsewhere.)
  13. When I've ordered from Coach (fp boutique or the website) I always had the choice of requesting signature upon delivery or not. On the website it even charges an additional $1.50 for me to have the delivery sig required. But, either way there is always a delivery confirmation that states where the driver left the package.

    Ya, I agree though, just because she was carrying the same style purse doesn't mean it was the same one that she says she didn't receive from her delivery. She could have bought one later or maybe the bag she ordered wasn't even going to be for her, it was a present she was getting for someone else cuz they liked her purse so much. :shrugs:
  14. maybe that SA reads tpf, specifically the eBay section :P

    also, there has been some clever "loopholes" found here when it concerns outlets, fp, and pce--by some--wouldn't be much of a stones throw for that to actually happen

    because if someone didn't receive the purse the first thing they'd do is apologize and offer to ship another to the store or to them but with sig confirm--I'm guessing that lady declined and just did the chargeback..and maybe that's why the sa assumed that--though it's really
    an assumption and not proof
  15. Really?

    first of all the SA was wrong, dead wrong , wrong, wrong, wrong,, oh did I say wrong?

    if the SA thought the woman, had brought in an item that was questionable, it was not up the the SA to tell another customer. that is a NO NO

    if the SA had a problem with the customer, she should of went to the manager

    and who is to say that woman, didnt get that bag somewhere else, or someone else bought it for her, or she reordered it from another Coach store.

    The SA was totally wrong in telling another customer of her suspicions.

    If the woman did rip Coach off or did not rip them off, it was up to the SA's and Manager to handle it, and involving a customer into the mess,,,,,,,,,,was totally not COOL