Coach satchel

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  1. Just saw this in the store. I like it a lot but I really like shoulder bags because they're easier to wear. Opens like a medicine bag which I like.

  2. I think that is a really nice bag.
  3. Love it! Especially the brass hardware and the braided handle! :love:
  4. That's lovely! :love:
  5. The dark brown is positively gorgeous too!:idea: :love:
  6. ^^ I agre with you- the dark brown is so yummie!!

    I'm a bit upset about the hike in prices by Coach though, but I still love this bag
  7. Saw this bag at the Coach store today, it's bee-you-tee-full!
  8. Megs, this bag is worth the price but only thing is the lining is ok. I love my burberry suede lining. makes the money worth it.
  9. Super cute! How much?
  10. I am such a fan of turnlocks! Any turnlock accent is purse aphrodisiac for me.

    A suede lining definitely adds value to a bag, but at the same time, it's one more thing to ruin. I definitely prefer a canvas lining that I can wipe up if something happens. But other people probably aren't as clutzy as me.
  11. i'm probably clutzier than you are chemlex. that explains the pen marks on my liner
  12. I'm going shopping tomorrow so I'm gonna have to check out this bag! I will let you all know.
  13. reading from the blogs and how crazy coach is hiking up their prices, if you browse on their website you will find a coach purse going for $998!!!! that is CRAZY for coach!
  14. This is nice , especially like the handle
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.