Coach satchel 12976

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  1. The black gunmetal, are these at the outlets? Has anyone seen one recently (round rock, houston, san marcos) if so how much??

    I really love this bag and I'm wondering what they are at the outlets compared to thE bay.


    Link (to show bag. NOT my auction):
  2. I've seen a couple in the clearance part of my outlet here in New York. You can always call your outlet? Hm...not sure how much they were at the outlets
  3. I called 3 outlets and none of them had any. I guess the bay is my best bet.
  4. I'm from MA but I've seen it on clearance at my local Macy's
  5. Good thinking! I should call dillard's and macy's and see if they have them still. Thanks I didn't think of that!
  6. actually weren't these department store exclusives, would they even go to the outlet?