Coach SAs

  1. Is it just me or are coach SAs much nicer than other SAs from LV or gucci? everytime i walk into coach, everyone is so friendly but whenever i walk into gucci or burberry, i feel like they ignore me! Today, my mother and i walked into LV and stood there for several minutes before we were helped, while other customers were helped immediately...anyone else feel the same?
  2. I've never been to any other designer boutique (because where I live, I am limited). I won't say where because I am in hiding for Raok!:ninja:

    The SA's at my Coach outlets and boutique are SO fabulous!

    I love them!:yes:
  3. haha, there is one sa that i have encountered who wasn't/isn't very nice but it may be because she is at dillards and not coach. she sells the coach bags though. the first time i went there to look at bags (having already owned one), she said "they are VERY expensive bags and not everyone can own one" so i left. last week, i went again to get an idea of which carly i may want and she was training someone. she would openly demand things from her and paid me no attention. i left. but other than that, outlet or boutique,they are extremely helpful and nice...
  4. Awwww!!!! Thank you so much! We try to be like your girlfriends. There's no reason for us not to be, it's not like we're on commission, we just ah-dore handbags as much as you do and want you to feel fabulous! I love hearing when people like us, it so makes up for all the bull-crap we have to deal with from the occasional mean person!

    Cherll: As far as the Dillards SA goes, she's not employed by Coach, and you are right. They can be a bit snarky.
  5. I love Coach SAs. So far everywhere I have gone including outlets has been an awesome experience, they really know what customer service is. The only time I had a not so good experience is when I called one and the person was only so so on the phone but it was close to closing and a busy day so I just shrugged it off for now. I like there customer service so much that it is the only job that could get me back into retail/sales (and I hate working retail/sales).
  6. I have to agree. Every time I walk into a Coach store everyone seems happy and when I walk in at least 2 SA's say welcome and smile. When I walk into Gucci or LV there is some big guy in a suit standing at the door completely stone faced. And I always have to wait to be helped at LV or Gucci and at Coach I never have to wait it seems like someone is always right there to help you with a big smile.
  7. ok im weird, but im not treated that well in coach stores! its the darnest thing! i can go into any lv/gucci/chanel store and have someone approach me right away! but the last few times ive been in coach...ive had everything from someone ignoring me to just smiling at me but not asking if i need help OR my bestttttttttt

    I went into the dallas store recently to get a purse for someone and they didnt have it in the store so i asked about it...AND yeah they gave me the book and never came back or even asked if i had questions...i was like WHAT THE HELL! me and my bf just left we were like screw that

    I mean we were dressed nicely, in the shopping mood (had a tiffanys and lv and a few other bags in hand!!) but that was SUCH a turn off

    ICK! so we went to gucci (mind u ive never been in these particular stores before) and i felt like home :smile: people were so nice!!!

    but the SAs in scottsdale are supersweet and i know what you about those coach sas being wonderful!!!
  8. Every single time I've entered a Coach store, I was treated nicely by every employee who were genuinely friendly. This happened even whilst I was in regular clothes and wasn't exactly too glamorous.
  9. the coach SAs ive experienced have not been the best, if you do a board search you will probably find tons of threads about people being treated rudely by SAs.

    i get treated REALLY nicely by LV SAs because my last name is practically vuitton. i usually call ahead because i have a question and then every time i just go in to look they are all over me and treating me amazingly
  10. Thanks! I think to be an SA, you have to genuinely like people. I love helping clients pick out a bag that suits their needs just as much as I love selling it. I LOVE Coach and it's products. It's good quality without breaking the bank.
  11. Most of the coach SAs I've worked with are really nice. Macy's--not so much. I only buy Coach bags from Coach now.

    I can't speak to other brands but my husband said that the LV SAs were really awesome (when he picked up a bag as a gift for me).

    I've had a few poor SA experiences but they usually have to do more with the person than the brand.
  12. Minus our local store where they are stuck up, I'd have to agree. Almost every other state I've been to, the coach SAs have been nice at the outlet and boutique. Macy's is a completely different story.
    I've been into a few LV and every one of them had Asian SAs.

    Was that just a coincidence or have you ladies noticed the same?
  13. When I went into our boutique several weeks ago to buy my signature satchel and a few other things, I did think the SAs were a tiny bit snippy when I asked for extra dustbags. They gave them to me, but weren't thrilled about it. Is it really THAT big a deal to give out a couple of dustbags? That left a bit of a bad taste in my mouth, but nothing I lost sleep over.

    I went in again on Monday, though, to put in my PCE order, and they were very, very nice. Definitely warmer than they were the time before. I asked several questions about vintage vs. camel vs. natural, etc., and they were very attentive. When there was a problem with the register while they were putting in my order, they were very sweet about having to stay after closing to fix whatever the problem was that they were having. The SA who was ringing me up kept saying "I really want to get your order in for you tonight!" It was pretty important to her - I think because the turquoise hobos were running low and she wanted to make sure I got one.

    A few other people wandered in and out of the store to browse at the same time I was in there deciding on my PCE items, and although the SAs greeted them and were friendly, they weren't as attentive to them. Maybe it's just because they weren't asking the SAs questions, though.

    I don't know what the difference was between the two times I came in. I was dressed very casually both times. I think it may have even been the exact same outfit for both visits. I was carrying a Coach bag both times (although the second time I had my sunnies on my head, also). Both times, it was clear that I was in there to purchase. And if anything, the boutique was far less busy the first time I went than this last time, so it wasn't that.

    Or maybe I'm overanalyzing and need to get a life. :smile:
  14. Macy*s, Dillards, Nordies, etc. All of their Coach associates are on commission, so they will be pushy, and usually not so friendly. I learned that when I started shopping for Coach, and that's why I chose to work at Coach. We're all friendly and try to make every customer feel like they've known us for a while.
  15. v true.

    at my macy's there is a REALLY nice Australian older lady SA who I just adore that works behind the Coach counter

    and there is a snarky old bat who I got into a spat with over a coupon on a non designer accessory and I got the manager involved and she has been snooty to me ever since (the manager bascially told her to get her act together and give me the discount for the coupon I had, so she looked like an idiot).

    If she's the only one there and I have to have something, I will take it to a diff register or diff dept to have rung up. And she knows this and gets mad because I'm in there all the time buying stuff and she's missing out on the comission

    Rude SA's don't get my business and I make it very clear.