Coach SAs made my day!!

  1. I have never met a more consistently enthusiastic and genuninely friendly team of SAs than with Coach. No matter where I shop around here at home or when I've been on the road (Ft. Lauderdale, Nashville most recently)'s the same awesome experience every time! :yahoo:

    Let me share the latest with you. I'm going through a personal rough patch right now and went on a long walk with a girlfriend this morning. It was wonderful but I ended up crying after we talked as I'm still dealing with a lot of pain:crybaby:. I'm so lucky to have a great support group of friends!

    Anyhoooo...I decided to go to a mall tonight that I haven't visited in YEARS: Alderwood Mall in Lynnwood (a couple suburbs north of me). Honestly it was never my favorite but I wanted a change in scenery.

    Was I ever surprised! They've undergone a huge makeover and have a glorious outdoor shopping area as well, which includes COACH!

    Well, I just happened to have my b&w sig Chelsea with me tonight and I went into Coach and they all smiled and said oooooooh, someone's got a Chelsea!! :wlae: They made my day. I ended up chatting with an SA for about 20-30 min just gushing over my bag and all the new stuff. As much as I want the matching wristlet for my Chelsea I resisted as I need to find a new job first!! ;)

    So here's a shout out to all the Coach SA's: You ladies ROCK!!! :party::dothewave::drinkup::cool::biguns:
  2. I have to agree. :smile: I've heard some horror stories from the girls on tpf, but have never encountered any bad SA's myself. Everyone who's ever helped me has been enthusiastic and friendly, especially here in Houston.
  3. I always love to hear of a great shopping experience! :yes: I'm glad you had a good time!
  4. I am so glad -- isn't it funny how just window shopping can make you feel better during a rough patch!!?
  5. I'm with you girl! I always know I can count on the SA's at Coach to make me smile!!! The SA's are a major factor in my Coach addiction! So enabling.. so doting.. it's just wonderful!
  6. Ditto that!
  7. I hope things start looking up for you ASAP! :flowers:

    It sounds like you got some much needed TLC from the Coach SA's! It is really nice to hear stories like yours. I personally have never had a bad experience yet, knock-on-wood!

    Oh and btw, love your avatar quote, I'm in that fabulous 40 club to! :p
  8. =] glad you have good experiences at Coach
  9. Same here - I've never had a bad experience with Coach SAs at my local boutique or anywhere, for that matter.
  10. I called our coach store on the phone, it just opened a few months ago and the girl was sooooooo helpful I was like omg, she is excited and helpful WOW!