Coach SA's drooling over my Michael Kors python tonight!!!! :O

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  1. HAD to share! Went to the Coach outlet tonight b/c I had purchased a gunmetal/graphite Zoe REALLY cheap ($100 with tax) and when I got it home I realized the top was flaking/peeling off. Brought it back tonight, and the SA who did my return said to me "I LOVE your Michael Kors, but dont tell anyone I said that!!! We are NOT allowed to say that here!!!" and she then told me she owns several MK watches, bags, wallets, etc and when she wears them to work her manager gets mad! I then walked around the store b/c I wanted to see if anything "struck me" (nothing did) and three more SA's complimented me on my python (each one saying, "but dont say I just said that!!!). I thought that was REALLY cool and funny! I then went to the MK outlet to browse (saw nothing there either but wanted to look at the clothes :P and I got to talking to the manager SA there....I told her what just happened at the Coach store and we laughed! She told me the Coach SA's come into the MK store ALL the time and tell her "dont tell "them" we were here or that we bought anything!!!" I was SO excited the Coach SA's loved my bag so much though! I am REALLY loving it and I love when I get so many compliments at one time!!! Only purse lovers would understand that!!!
  2. Way to go........Are these bags Michale Kors or Michael by Michael Kors just wondering because of the price difference. Lovely bags either way
  3. Oh, I am happy for you as well. Congrats on a cute bag.
  4. Is it the one in your avatar? It's gorgeous!
  5. Yes the one in my avatar....Thank you!!!! This is my FAVORITE bag!!! and I just cant switch to anything else!!! It was SO funny b/c first it was the SA at the register and then three others literally followed me around!!!! I felt like a celebrity!!!! AND the other customers in the store were staring at my bag, too. The Coach manager probably couldnt wait for me to leave!!! LOLOLOL
  6. Such a gorgeous bag. I love python but am not sure I can pull it off! It sounds like you're really rockin' it and collecting compliments left and right!
  7. Thanks! It was a gift from my DH and a surprise at that! I NEVER would have given python a second glance...I am so glad he bought me this turned out to be my FAVORITE!!!! YOU CAN pull it goes with ANYTHING and it's safe to wear in any weather. I got caught in a big rainstorm leaving my office one day and I had NO umbrella and a very long walk to my car. I thought for sure my bag was ruined...When I got home I totally inspected it for damages's PERFECT!!!! Rain and all!!!! AND b/c of the pattern no dirt shows!!!! TRY it!!!!
  8. I was at the Coach store tonight and had my MK with me (was just deciding if I wanted to upsize to the bigger one). At first they didn't seem too happy to see me walk in with an MK bag - I had even considered putting it back in the car before I went to Coach, but thought that was stupid. But it was definetely noticable that I didn't get the warm welcome I usually do. But once they saw my Maggie on my shoulder they warmed up at bit and one of them came over and said she really liked the MK bags too. I have PCE at Coach right now but had a terribly hard time finding something I wanted to get this time.

    I saw another bag at Kors I want - the Astor Uptown. Did you see the way it doubles as a tote? Awesome. I think I may have to unload some of the bags in my collection to fund that one. Of course I also did just find out about the Kors outlet too. YIKES!!

    I may be joining you as a MICHAEL KORS ADDICT!!!!!!!!!!
  9. I need to stop into a Coach store today... I wonder if they'll notice my bag.
  10. Congrats on your MK, OP :smile:. Funny how the Coach SAs notice things like that .. they notice my few LV items too and always say the same thing "Don't say that I said that I liked it" .. LOL!
  11. :lolots: thanks for sharing this hilarious story!
  12. JOIN ME!!!! I need another ADDICT!!!!! :yahoo:
  13. Thank you!!! I wonder why they say "dont say that I said that!!!" How could they get in trouble for having an opinion??!!!! LOL
  14. That bag is super pretty!!!

    I do notice that no matter what I'm carrying into Coach, the SAs compliment. Yesterday I went in with a Vera Bradley and the SA went on about how cute and comfortable they are. And this was a male SA to boot! In the past, I've carried Coach into the store so it made sense to me that they'd comment but after the vera Bradley comments I think they just say this to everyone.
  15. Funny story!!