Coach SA's; curious about feedback

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  1. on this particular bag; I did the pre-sale the other night and purchased it. I just love the strap and how it fits on me. Have you gotten any feedback on this bag? Any negative comments? I am now nervous about my choice.
  2. so far i've had no compliants! and no one has brought it back, to return, or defective, suede, etc. reasons.
  3. Yea!! Thank you! What is your take on the bag? Do you like it? Do you think it is worth the price?
  4. i love that bag, as an everyday bag? the design makes it more unique and it doesn't scream coach.

    however, price wise i'm a college student, so if i didn't have my would be hard. it's like, eat for a month, or buy that bag you know?


    what am i saying, your from NY.

    i think the coolest part is the strap, you can adjust it so it's super long, and hangs low (if your petite, experiment with putting it across your body) or you can make it shorter.

    i love it, congrats on your beautiful bag! :yahoo:
  5. It is a unique bag, doesn't look like everybody elses...
  6. That's quite an interesting bag! Not my cup of tea but it definitely intrigued me.