Coach SA's at Dillards and Macy's

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  1. I had two rude encounters with SA's at the Coach counters at my local Dillards and Macys this weekend - one right after the other.

    First at Dillards, I went to return a small poppy item and the SA at the counter was on her cell phone and was holding her clear purse so I could tell she had just arrived to work and was finishing up a personal call. I stood there while she finished up and then when she hung up told her I had a return. She barely even looked at me as she very quickly punched in her numbers, took the item from me and completed the return process without even really saying a word to me. I guess I interrupted her call, but I proceeded to say "Thank You" very nicely as I walked out, thinking it was a one time thing.

    I then proceeded to Macy's where the Coach SA was chatting with a customer at the counter like they knew each other. Once I walked up they proceeded to get on with the woman's transaction. She had two stacks of socks and a metal belt and she wanted to use three different coupons/discounts for each transaction. Well, I waited patiently while the SA looked up what the different discounts would come to for each item depending on which coupon she used. The woman was acting very upset that one coupon didn't work on the socks and I could tell this was going to take a long time. I asked if there was anyone else that could help me and the SA looked around and saw a different SA over in the corner. She said "Well, you can go and grab "Susie" and she can help you." It was clear that she was not going to get the other SA for me, so I had to go and approach her and ask her for her help. Needless to say, I was not happy and told that to the second SA who was very apologetic.

    Must not have been my day, I guess. On a positive note, the SA's at Nordstrom were pleasant to me, as always!

    Thanks for letting me share........
  2. Sorry that the Macys and Dillards SA's were rude!!!!
    I think that it the nature of Customer Service these days and people in general ! (IMO)
    I love my Nordstrom!!!! The SAs are always friendly and say hello even when I am not buying or returning anything!!!

    Lynne :biggrin:
  3. Sorry about this. So far, i've had pleasant experience with coach SAs. the one in my dillards always calls me for a preview sale that way i can purchase a day before. i try not to fail her--- i always make a purchase. just super nice and very accomodating even if they are really busy.
  4. bad bad SA's lately...but this is why i could not work in retail...and i prefer to shop online or on ebay...i just don't have the patience for customers and/or ruse salespeople...and if i had a bad day...all bets are off...hahaha

    i like my office job where i have minimal contact with people
  5. I have had bad experiences with Macy's sales associates too - I usually buy off the sale display where the bags aren't perfect (dusty, or the paper tags are no longer attached, etc.). The two times I have changed my mind (over the course of the last 5 yearsor so), I was given a lot of attitude and dirty looks that I had used the bag before I returned them (which, of course, I hadn't). It puts me off shopping for Coach items at Macy's unless they are deeply discounted. But sometimes the sale price is too tempting.
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    i swear those nordies SA's make commission they're too sweet and pushy lol the ones at my closest one either suck up big time cuz they see me with all my coach, or ignore me cuz they assume since im young i cant afford anything lol

    i totally understand having to deal with rude SA's though, ive had my fair share when i shop at other stores and im an employee myself...i hate it.

    ....the other side to it too is that as employees we have to deal with a good amount of awful customers. (by no means am i including you in that group, nor would do i approve of that type of cs because that is ridiculous). but i had a lady last week that wanted to do a return and she pulled the item out of the bag, and i was something that was supossed to be returned to its specific dept, well when i told her to take it back there, she informed me that "i was told you can return anything anywhere, but you guys won't return this here because you're too lazy to carry this upstairs." so i was kind enough to return it for her, and i got a very rude " thanks, i appreciate it." as she spun on her heals and walked out the door. lol i was tempted to tell her to walk it upstairs, but i didnt i shouldnt have returned it either sorry for stealing ur thread. i just think that there's errors that occur on both parts, but usually it's not both the sa and customer that's the problem, i agree with you entirely though that sa was rude! im sorry for that =[ lol
  7. ^^ I can understand that there are a lot of bad customers out there too and that as SA's you are subject to all kinds of strange and high maintenance people. I think it was just that it happened to me one right after the other that made it stand out. In the end, I kind of just laughed it off, but I knew I would get some understanding from the members here. I am sure that it is hard to work under the guideline of the customer is always right sometimes!
  8. That is one thing I love about being stationed in Japan, the customer service is amazing! Even tho there is a language barrier, they are never rude, and always try to help me. I notice when I go back to MI to visit my dad, that the SA and such are super rude, i dont get it,
  9. I also have had an experience with a Coach SA. I went to Dillard's to buy a Poppy wrislet. When I went to check out the SA was talking to another women. I waited and waited while they finished their personal conversation. Then when the SA looked at me, I said "I need to check out"...She then looked at me and seriously said "Hold on, Im busy"
    I had to go find another sales clerk to actually check me out. :sad:
  10. Sorry this happened to you. Just to put in the perspective of a Sales associate, for the Dillards situation, you said you asked her about the return and then she punched in her numbers. In my store, we are absolutely NOT allowed to help or assist a customer in anyway until we are punched in and "on the clock". Still no excuse to be rude to you though!!!