Coach Sandals and Shoes 50% Off!!!

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  1. I just stopped into the Chicago Coach store on Michigan Ave and snagged Coach Roman-style sandals for $69:yahoo: They have a bunch of other styles on sale for 50% off or even more and there are even some great ballet flats on sale too! They were running out of sizes so I wouldn't wait...
  2. Thanks!!!
  3. do they ship to Philippines and accept credit cards online?
  4. do you have the store's phone number?
  5. I googled the store and I think the number is (312) 587-3167. They were all super friendly! If they don't have your size at that store, the shoes might also be on sale at the other Coach stores.
  6. Nordstrom (providence, but most likely all of them) had some Coach shoes on sale as well. I can't remember what styles but the Elen sneakers in 3 different colors were only $59
  7. I bought a pair of gold wooden platform sandals at Coach in the Toronto location a few weeks ago for 50% off. They were having a big sale so I think you should check your local Coach store before calling across the country. Maybe they have their inventory linked so they could track down any pair you like. :yes:
  8. The Jana flat was definitely on same in all black and in the tan version so I would try for an adjustment!
  9. Huh...I just called the Coach store where I got my shoes, and the SA told me those aren't on sale. Weird...
  10. My guess, is not all styles are on sale?
  11. Hi, i think you can check out the to check whether they do send to Philippines. Do they have COACH in ur country? If they do have a boutique , then i will think that they will not ship to your country.

  12. Thanks Sesmaili! Great find!
  13. thanks for sharing!
  14. Thanks for the post!