COACH sales at a dept store (Macys, Lord&Taylors, etc.)

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  1. When do they go on sale (holidays? semi-annually?) and how much is taken off? I always see coupons for Macys and always on fine print it says it doesn't apply to Coach. I see Dooney & Burkes on sale but never Coach. Is it just that I go at the wrong times?

    Help please!

    P.S. does the signatures go on sale as well or just seasonal items?
  2. Usually it has to do with colors for the seasons (just clearanced some seasonal and parchment or khaki colors). My local Macy's does not sell coach, but Dillards does and almost every week has at least a little on 25% off. I usually check on thursdays or fridays (when they usually mark down) but every couple of months (end of the season) they put an extra 30% on all clearanced items. I run my little heinie over there as fast as possible and found a few good deals, especially on coach shoes during these times. Good luck, and happy bargain hunting!
  3. I agree it really sucks that you cannot use the discount on Coach and a lot of other brands....but the good news is that if you get the "Friends and Family" discount (I think this comes out twice a year in May/Nov), then it applies to everything - including Coach.

    The last one was in May, and I got my Carly and Ergo Tote with the 25% discount. Start checking your statements in Oct/Nov for the discount.
  4. Awweee how is it that I live in New York City and there is not even one Dillards here? :sad: but thanks for replying back!

    Oh and for yvalenz, for your Carly, was is 25% off the retail price at Macys? Do they have Coach on sale for other times besides using the coupon?
  5. Macy's is having a 25% off in Coach select styles. Happy shopping! :tup: