Coach Sale!

  1. Coach stores are having a sale for all their summer shoes from 20%~50%. I think the sale will last for a while but they have a great deal on shoes!
  2. Thanks Sunnydqt!
  3. is it an online sale?
  4. In-store only.
  5. yea, this is the sale I went to a few weeks ago! Lots of fun flip flops, slides, for $59!!! :smile:
  6. Darn it! I dont think I'll be going down to Orlando for a while and I'm not in Raleigh right now :[ The closest COACH is 3 hours away :sad:
  7. boo! I was at Coach yesterday and my store doesn't have any shoes in stock!
  8. Oh! Also, this probably isnt nationwide, but just in case - Yesterday in my Dillards they marked down the COACH patchwork pochettes to 50% off! They look like this (I have no idea what retail is) -

  9. Is this the only size they have marked down? I was just in a Dillard's yesterday and did not see any patchwork bags. I love them and would like to buy the tote.

    Abandoned-my sister is moving to the Raleigh/Durham area today! Do you like it there? Her in laws live there and she isn't exactly thrilled about the move and neither am I. I want her closer to me!:cry:
  10. Hey twinkie! Of the patchwork, I think that was the only size marked down :sad: They had some other bags marked down but I think they were a different style and I didnt see the patchwork tote anywhere. I could be mistaken, my eyes were wondering more over to the new denim and gold-ish patchwork items :shame:

    Oh really!? Thats awesome, maybe if you come visit her we can have a girls day out, lol. I actually really like Raleigh, but then again I havent lived in a nice city for about 6 years (we moved from Tampa to Fort Walton which is very boring and small and then finally when I graduated high school I came to Raleigh) so I guess I'm just excited about living in a nicer area.

    Aw, I understand how you feel (I hate being away from my brothers), but I think thats really cool that you two are close like that.
  11. ^^ I saw that same demi and the one with the fish on sale at Macy's for $99 and they had a 20% off coupon when I was there so I'm assuming they'd be around 80ish :o)
  12. thanks for the heads up. I gotta check this out for sure.
  13. Is the discount just for shoes, no bags?
  14. I was in Macy's a few days ago and they had a few Coach bags (maybe 5 or 6 styles) on sale for 50% off :smile:
  15. damn! that is really cute! And, 50% off?????????? Alas-no Dillard's in NY