Coach Sabrina or Carly?


Jan 31, 2009
I have never owned a COACH bag, but have found both of these and can't decide which might work best. I am looking for a medium sized bag - and I like that the Sabrina can be worn both on the shoulder and arm-carried. The silver hardware is also something that catches me eye. I am considering the black signature fabric on either of these. My DH apparently saw these bags & their price tag, and he about flipped OUT! But he's a man, and know's NOTHING when it comes to "girl things!" LoL. I say TIA for your help. This forum is a great resource :smile:

If you own one, can you share what you like/love about these ... and share anything you wish were different? Any idea what the inside color is on these black bags? The website does not show inside pics.


Oct 6, 2008
The Carly was my first coach bag, and I thought she was very comfortable to carry every day. After 2 years the sabrina has come out, and I love the way she looks, just I m not a big fan of the long shoulder strap. But If you love satchels and the strap, then this may be a very versatile bag for you. I use my carly more often than the sabrina, for me it's easyer to handle and I love the fact that my carly stays on my shoulder (but some have problems with that) where the sabrina is more handheld for me, and handheld is not as practical with little children...
So It really depends on your lifestyle, what you prefer more, hand or shoulder, and how do you like the strap of the sabrina? I'd go to the boutique and try both, put your things in them and carry them arround in the store, see which one you feel more comfortable with :smile: Good Luck, let us know what you decide...
Jul 4, 2008
I have 4 carly's,3 large and 1 slim. I tried the regular size and it's just too small for me. The slim is okey. I love the larger size because I carry a ton of stuff and it's the most comfortable bag I've ever had. There's a ton of Carly's at the outlet right now. You should check it out if you are close to one.
Jan 19, 2009
i heard that the signature carly cloth bags that true for all the bags or just some?
i am having a hard time getting the all leather one. should i go for a zoe?


Aug 19, 2008
yeah sig carlys do fray over time, this is the most common bag that does IMO. if i were you id get a leather bag they are most durable and you will (probably) be glad you did in the end. many people get signature bags as a first bag, but then fall in love with leather..
I like both bags also but my choice would be the sabrina just because I like the fact that it can go crossbody but I'm active so most of my purses can be worn crossbody. Also I would check out your local outlet for a Carly because you might find a really good deal and can get the sabrina later.


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May 7, 2008
If you're considering getting a Carly, I would also recommend getting an all leather one. All fabric Carlys will eventually fray in a few months on constant use. The leather is sturdier. I don't know much about the Sabrina so someone else can tell you. I love my Zoes--fabric and leather. The flaps near the zippered area on the Carly is the part that frays the most, but on the Zoe it's reinforced with a stiff leather on the fabric version and a soft pliable leather on the all-leather version. Either way, the Zoe is a good bag too, but I would suggest that you get the large or XL version if you're carrying books and extra stuff. The medium is fine if you're just carrying basics--lipstick, cellphone, iPod, keys, gloves, planner, and even a small paperback novel.
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Jun 12, 2007
I have a few Carlys, one of them that I used a lot, but still looking good and doesn't frey, yours frey? :confused1: ...the Carly looks really chic and i deliberately bought the fabric one which was never on any mark down, i love the way the Carly looks!


Feb 28, 2006
I love both designs but if I had to choose I would say Sabrina. I just love that bag in all all colors!


Jan 31, 2009
Well, my 1st choice, would probably be the Sabrina (12947) but the leather colors are ALL gorgeous! How does 1 decide!!!! I would probaly opt for a solid black, but I admit, the cherry, the pink, heck ALL of them are luscious! I will definitely have to go try them on before I officially decide. But, what a bummer that the Signature Carly bags have a tendancy to fray (is that just a "Carly" thing, or do other Sig's do this as well?) Do you have to do much to the all-leather bags? Are they buttery smooth? And what about the inside colors of the Sabrina? Oh, lastly, does it have the "feet" on the bottom?

Do most of y'all *try* the bags out in-store before purchasing? (do the SA's act all weird about this?) I would be nervous, thinking they might think I was trying to steal it or something ...

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Sep 12, 2008
Signature fabric will fray at the corners and top depending on how it's carried. Carly tends to do this more than others because of the shape and slouch of the bag. SAs actually tend to encourage you to try the bag on because they want you to make sure you're comfortable with the bag and like the color. They're not going to be worried about you stealing the bag as much because there are hidden sensors inside that will sound the alarms should anyone try this. Sheesh I've sounded the alarms on bags and accessories tons of times because they've accidentally missed one in deactivation. If you're interested in the Cherry Sabrina, numbers are getting limited so don't wait too long to decide. The inside lining of the cherry bag is a light tan that I like to call caramel. There are studs on the bottom of the bag that could be called feet. They hold the loops on the bag that you can slide the strap through when using the bag as a satchel. HTH