Coach Sabrina colors

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  1. What colors did the Sabrina originally come in? Style number 12937 I believe. I just bought a cherry Sabrina from eBay but I feel that it is more cranberry or raspberry in color and not cherry. Where those colors even made or am I just colorblind?
  2. When I searched the Drill Down archive for Sabrina Bags 12937 with the CY color code (Cherry) it pulled up 2 very different looking bags. One is red and the other is purple and they have the exact same code 12937 B4 CY. I don't know how to explain that!

    Red bags are difficult to photograph and the color often changes with the lighting - but this change is quite significant! But they are both pictures of beautiful bags.

    SabrinaCherry_12937_b4cy_a0.jpg SabrinaCherry_12937_b4cy_a1.jpg
  3. I have the cherry Sabrina and it's definitely cherry red, when looking at it I'm not seeing it leaning towards raspberry or cranberry imo. I do believe they made a cranberry Sabrina also though if I'm not mistaken. Can you post a pic of yours?
  4. image.jpeg image.jpeg
    Here is the Sabrina next to my Mickey accessory. The top photo is flash, the bottom without
  5. I have both of these. My cranberry bag, I'm almost sure, was marked as a pilot bag. I have had a couple of cherry colored ones as well (NWT at the time, positive they were cherry). The problem with the Sabrina is that the dye on the leather fades very easily, and the cherry color quickly faded. This has been discussed in older threads. The corners of the bag wear very easily, too. I loved it, and would keep hunting down new ones on eBay, but gave up after the third try and the dye fading so much.
  6. The cranberry was a pilot color, it also came in raspberry and cherry. Cranberry was kind of maroon-y red, the raspberry was like a hot pink, and the cherry was a brighter red.
  7. From the pics, I'm leaning towards yours is cherry and not raspberry or cranberry.