Coach SA told me that Ergo is moving out...

  1. Hi!

    I wanted to let you know the manager at my Coach store told me that they're moving out the Ergos before too long. She sounded pretty bummed. She said, "they're going to take them away from us, I guess because of it being seen as a more seasonal bag." She wasn't sure but said she thought they'd go back to the distribution center.

    I actually view the ergo colors (with maybe the exception of white) as great year round bags, especially for those of us living in warm weather!

    Just wanted to put that out there for anyone who's been sitting on the fence (as if the PCE weren't enough motivation, right?) I ordered the large vintage tote and am very excited about it!

    Maybe some other SAs can chime in? It didn't sound like priviledged info; she didn't offer me the coveted new catalog or anything. Bummer.:graucho:
  2. Yeah, the ergo's are part of the deletes I mentioned previously. I'm not a huge ergo fan myself but they look great on some people. I know a lot of customers are going to miss the turquise though!
  3. OK, I am a bit confused. Does this include the patent Ergos? I thought they just came out. :confused1:
  4. Aah, I remember reading your post but missed the Ergo connection for some reason! Thanks for clearing that up!
  5. this makes me a bit sad. they were starting to grow on me

    are they headed to the outlets?
  6. does that mean they will go to the outlets!!!! :smile:

    when will that happen ;)
  7. My SA told me that because the bags were pretty popular that she thought they'd go back to JAX first and then they might end up at the outlet later....
  8. I'm wondering the same thing!
  9. I was wondering this also. Does it include the ergo patent hobos?
  10. They will go back to JAX. I don't believe the ergo patent hobo's are included though, they can go into fall.
  11. The Summer Ergos were lovely. I am sorry to see them go, but I am looking forward to the new Ergos in the fall.
    They are going to be rockin in the new fall colors!
  12. They're definitely going to keep the Patent Ergos for fall.
  13. I heard that what was left of the summer ergo colors were going to jax and then to outlets in one year.
  14. Thanks for the info ladies!

    I have always loved the turquoise color!
  15. There aren't that many of the turquoise ergo hobos left in the regular size - when I ordered mine on Monday, there were something like 57 at JAX. Grab it if you want it!