Coach SA Thank You Card

  1. I got a Thank You Card from the SA that helped me with a Coach purchase about 3 weeks ago. I didn't know they would send out a Thank You Card. I've never received one before.

    The stationary is adorable! :flowers:
  2. I received one during the last PCE Event. I don't know why they would send one otherwise.
  3. They sent me one too! I'm wondering if I will receive some day a PCE card. That can be nice!
  4. the past few times I have bought in the boutique I have gotten one. It is very nice to get one of those!
  5. The last 4 purchases I have made from Coach, my SA sent me a thank you note.
  6. Sometimes I get one sometimes I don't, it depends on which SA helps me.
  7. I got one for the first two bags I bought.
  8. Congrats! I have never got one...

    Just wondering which coach store was this?

    I didnt think they did that around here... just because they are always so busy
  9. Coach will alway send you out a Thank You Note. But ONLY if you spend over $250.
  10. I believe this could be correct. I received thank-you cards for my black Carly and my chocolate Ergo, but not for my Bleecker mini-wallet.
  11. There is one SA at Coach and one SA at Nordstrom who send thank you notes when I make a purchase, regardless of the amount.

  12. Very interesting....and true. I have received 3 TY notes in the past 2 months.
  13. I've always gotten thank-you notes. Even years and years ago. Such a nice touch!
  14. I never get anything from Coach - no thank you, no PCE card, nada! I went in and spent over $800 last month in one transaction, paid in cash (helping my husband w/my holiday gifts!) and still nothing! Aargh - I give up!
  15. I received a thank you note after I purchased my first bag in a boutique. It was unexpected and very nice I thought.