Coach ruined my Christmas!

  1. This is so DH placed an order for me for Christmas and Coach just emailed me the shipping confirmation! This truly sucks. I knew he was going to get me something Coach, but now the mystery is GONE!!! Obviously, the store linked up our mailing address and they have my email addy on file, so there ya go.

    I called to complain...told the CSR what had happened, and...get this...she gets all snotty and says to me "Well if he ordered in the store, why are you calling here?" Uh, because the email came from corporate and it says if you have questions to call this number. I don't know what I expected when I called them, the damage had been done, but I do hope she passes the info on like I asked her to do so it maybe won't happen to anyone else.

    I'm really upset, mad, disappointed....but to make it all better, they are going to give me a whopping 10% off my next purchase. Gee. Thanks. :hysteric: :crybaby: :mad:
  2. Is the surprise element SUPER important to you? I agree that it is tres tacky to automatically email you because you're in the system, but if it is computer automated then it kind of makes sense...since computers don't understand things like DH ordering things for DW.
    At least you know you're getting something good!!!! And I doubt, really, that Christmas is ruined - you're happy and healthy and with your family right?
  3. I'm sorry that the surprise element is ruined, but don't be're still getting a great gift from someone who cares about you.
  4. Aww, sorry the surprise was ruined for you but hey, you're getting Coach for Christmas! Be happy!
  5. Aw.. cheer up girl.. it's not so bad... a happy early merry xmas to you :flowers:
  6. I agree. Cheer up! It could be a lot worse! As long as you enjoy your coach in good health - at the end of the day, it's all good!
  7. I'm sorry your surprise was ruined! But I agree, Try to be happy that you know you will get something fabulous for Christmas and that you are loved by your DH.
  8. Well, the "Coach ruined my Christmas!" title was intentionally over-dramatic for effect. A tabloid type headline....

    It's still very disappointing to lose the surprise and no, it's not as bad as it could be since I knew he was going to order something. I do hope it doesn't happen to someone else that may have no idea and truly have the surprise spoiled.

    So you wanna know what he ordered? The Chelsea Vintage Leather Satchel!



    Thanks, y'all for cheering me up! Happy Christmas to you!!
  9. Now the quandary will be WAITING to open it? Is he going to make you wait til Christmas Day now? hehehe...
  10. He chose a beautiful bag. Merry Christmas to you.
  11. Your Christmas is not ruined - you just received the surprise a little early. You are a lucky gal with a great husband so enjoy!!!
  12. Yeah, I'll wait until Christmas. I'm not going to tell him that I know... ;)
  13. Sorry you won't be surprised come christmas morning but hey it's coach and your DH did something uber sweet!!!
  14. It sucks to have surprises ruined, but it all works out in the end. I bought my own gift this year as DH has no clue--I got mine today, too (it's not coach, but a different designer). I bet your DH will be mad--mine would be! Good luck and merry christmas!

  15. Well, the only reason that you received an email is because it must have been purchased under your name. I've tried to be very careful when calling about shipments that have come in for fear of giving too much information away but at least you know you are getting a great bag!