Coach Rosabel Sandals?

  1. Has anyone seen them in real life or even have them? Where did you buy them? Are they still online?

    They were in the Lucky-July.

    [​IMG](Those are them...:smile:)
  2. I think Macy's carried them....
    you may want to post this in the coach forum.... I know a few people in there own these (can't remember who though)...
  3. moving to Coach Shopping Forum. . . .
  4. I bought them from the boutique in may in silver, but I never ended up wearing them because when I tried it again in maybe it was bloomingdales I forgot the thong between the toes was too stiff, the SA said it would soften with time, but I didn't have the patience so I guess it depends on your preference.
  5. i was looking for them too.. no stores near me has them! but if u call the coach customer service they have them for regular price :sad:
  6. Regular price being around $150, rght?

    Guh! Is there some sort of discount or code that I could use?

    Anyone seen these at an outlet? (If so, were they heavily discounted? Like worth being shipped from an outlet?)
  7. [​IMG][​IMG]

    Here are my rosabel sandals in action. The first one was taken at the Galleria in Milan, Italy and the second is at the forum at the Colosseum in Rome. I love them...I use them quite a bit. They are not the most comfortable shoe, but I don't plan to work out in them :rolleyes:
  8. I love these sandals as well but I'm not willing to pay full price for them. Funny thing is that I'll splurge on LV but wait for the Coach items to go on sale - LOL.
  9. ^^I actually decided to give them a chance, and I'm glad I did LOL! THey glam up any outfit, I thought the silver was too shiny, but I do love them, I had them since may and I wish I wore them all summer. Granted they are not the most comfortable, but.. well, fashion!
  10. if you really love them maybe buy them now and try again to see if you can get themd uring pce? and if you cant then you still have them?