coach roll bag? where to buy?

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  1. hi everyone! where can i buy the signature Cs roll bag? i know its not already on, i guess its an old style... but i love it.. i dunno really what its called if its a barrel bag or roll bag? is it also available in leather? thanks everyone :smile:
  2. [​IMG]
    Are you talking about this one? or just the style? If it's an an older bag (maybe a year or less) I would try the outlets, if you know what you are looking for & you are willing to pay retail you should just call Coach's 1800 # & they still might have some in stock somewhere & ship it to you. Good luck!
  3. thanks pursefanatic but its not that style, hmmm it looks like an lv speedy bag
  4. You may have to check at places like T J Maxx or call Coach and maybe they have a listing of Coach Outlets.
  5. If you need to find Coach outlets you can go to
  6. lv speedy? where did you first see this bag?
  7. is the speedy even considered a barrel bag? cause i always thought those were two separate styles...

  8. It's more like the Papillion if you are comparing it to an LV style, however the Papillion has two shorter straps.
  9. i dunno how to call it really but that's how it looks like
  10. from a good friend of mine, back home in the philippines, when i still lived there. she went to las vegas to compete for ms.hawaiian tropic and when she returned back to our country, she showed me the bag. that was last year.
  11. hmm...

    i've personally never seen a coach barrel bag...but i'm sure there's a style that is sort of similar to a speedy...
  12. and she got it from a coach boutique?
  13. There is a coach bag that looks like a LV speedy. I can't remember the name, I've seen it 3 times. Twice in the tie dye style and 2 holidays ago in gold. I know I have pics, let me look for them.
  14. here is last years tie dye

  15. Here is the gold bag.