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  1. So i went to the Camarillo outlet and the boutique in Simi Valley, CA today. I had so much fun. they didn't have as much in the outlet as they did over President's Day weekend, but still, it was a good bit of goodies!

    They actually had some signature items. i didn't buy too much. i bought a snap closure wristlet that i have wanted, a keychain (of course!) and a little writslet make-up case thingy (not sure what its official name is). It was funny because that one was just randomly in a pile so i picked it up and the rest of the time i was in the store people kept coming up to me asking where i got it and telling me how cute it is- the SA's included!

    I've attached photos of my goodies. I got a catalogue from the boutique and i like the new fragrance!


    I'm so lucky that i have such great Coach stores around me! (the huge Camarillo outlet which is only about a 45 minute drive, a nice sized outlet (that has a great selection of items, including signature) just a few minutes away from me, and a regular boutique closer than that!)

    and also, i found someone online on a Coach sales community who has a bee cell lanyard that is selling it to me! woo-hoo!

    ok, enough of my ramblings:wlae: !
    pictures 015small.jpg pictures 016small.jpg
  2. great stuff. love the keychain.
  3. Me too! I love the keychain - it's adorable. I like the framed wristlet, too!!
  4. Great stuff!!! I am so jealous that we don't have an outlet closer than an hour away!!!!:yes: Would you mind to share the Coach sales community info?? I would like to find a place where you can get authentic stuff besides eBay. THANKS!!!
  5. love the makeup bag and all of your other goodies!
  6. I just bought that same keychain at the outlet yesterday. I love it! I love your wristlet too.

  7. Very cute stuff- congrats!
  8. Congrats! The keychain is so cute.
  9. your goodies are too cute! You're so lucky to have all the Coach options so close to you! I'd kill for that!!!:p
  10. congrats! love them all!
  11. you did GREAT! i love EVERY SINGLE PIECE. love the keychain...!!! :heart: :smile:
  12. Congrats love what you got. Just one one question where is the outlet in Simi Valley?
  13. beljwl- not an outlet in Simi- it was an regular store.
  14. great buys!