Coach Rhea Sandals - Lucky Magazine

  1. Lucky Magazine (US March 2007, page 287), featured a pair of "Rhea" Sandals from Coach. Flat sandals with thin leather straps that crossed over the big toe and then wrap around the ankle, with brass hardware.

    I can't post pics right now, as I am on vacation and don't have the digital camera with me. Does anyone that has this Lucky magazine know if these are in the new catalog and will be released with the new product line?? Or are they an older pair that has already been pulled?? Either way, they aren't on the website right now, so I am hoping that they are coming out with the new line, I really like them & want a pair!!!:yes:

    Description: Python-print "Rhea" Sandals, $148, Coach

    Thanks in advance for any info!!! I am without the new catalog until I get home, and hope it has arrived in the mail & waitting for me!! :graucho:
  2. I don't know if these sandals are in the New Catalog as I have not receive it
    yet. I have this issue of Lucky Magazine and they are definitely new. Items
    usually appear in Lucky a month before they hit retail so I would say they
    will be at a Coach Boutique sometime in April.
  3. :yahoo: Yea!!! I was hoping... I am going to bug my SA about it when I get home... see what she can tell me about them. I wasn't sure whether they were in the new catalog or not.

    I probably wouldn't have liked them - by just looking at them, until I saw the girl wearing them!! OH, now I love them!!! They look so effortless, but casual chic & fun!!