Coach Reviews thread?

  1. I got this idea over lunch, I thought it might be a useful edition to the Coach forum...

    Before I buy a bag or smaller Coach item, I usually search the item's name and then skim through all the threads I can that mention the item to see how people like their purchases. Unfortunately, I end up skimming many irrelevent threads in the process! Maybe we can start a Coach reviews thread, searchable by item name, that just provides the basics of the item and a quick review. A sample post might look something like this:

    Coach Signature Stripe Tote - Medium

    Price: $299 - retail
    Serial Number: C06K-10125

    Color: Vermillion

    Pros: Very lightweight, roomy, and comfortable to carry. The perfect on the go bag! Can be carried securely even though it's an open tote.

    Cons: No cell phone pocket - hard to find phone! (my only complaint!)

    Recommended? : Absolutely! This is my favorite Coach bag. Great for anyone looking for a casual tote.

    Et cetera, people could add relevent categories as they think of them. The title of this post would be "Signature Stripe Tote", and then when people search the thread, they can see a bunch of reviews for the same product. I suppose people could add pics too if they want (if everyone thinks it's a good idea). The serial number would allow people to pull up stock photos of bags on too.

    It would be useful to me to have a thread dedicated solely to people's opinions on specific bags, what do you guys think?
  2. This is a great idea!
  3. I love this idea. We could go through our bags and add to the reviews or start a new review thread if there isn't already one.

    I love this. I'm totally on board.
  4. Oh this is a great idea vanojr!! I'll write some stuff up tonight or tomorrow.
  5. I'd be happy to write a review!!! Should we start a new thread?
  6. I think it's a great idea, too! :yes:
  7. Yay, yes, I say whoever is feeling like reviewing something, go ahead and start a new thread!
  8. Great idea!!
  9. Wow, that's a great idea!
    I wish there was a way to do it by the type/style of bag though, so you don't have to search through the entire thread and how ever many pages to find all the reviews on the bag you are looking for.
    Either way, great idea!
  10. I'll start the new thread if nobody minds!
  11. Great idea!

    One question though... how can you title a post? Aren't posts just responses to the title of the thread? Maybe I'm not reading something right... or maybe I'm just slow... lol...
  12. What a fantastic idea!!!
  13. Should each review be its own thread? Like a thread for all signature stripes, a thread for all carly's, etc? That way its not just one big long review post?
  14. Whoops. Perhaps I should have read this thread first, before I reviewed Legacy items in the other thread... :shame: Hmmm... maybe a mod could help organize it, I'm not sure how much of a pain it would be after it is started...
  15. i like this idea:

    The Carly Review

    The Legacy Handbag Review

    The Legacy Accessory Review

    The Hamton's Review

    The Soho Review

    The Shoes Review

    just some ideas