Coach Reviews...Post it here!

  1. This idea was started by Vanojr9 and I must say it's a fabulous one. Reviews will provide information about the item you are interested in so that you can get some insight on what you're purchasing!

    I'll go first!

    Hamptons Weekend Watercolor Stripe Wristlet

    Price: $78 - retail
    Style Number: 40480

    Color: Silver/Multicolor

    Pros: Lightweight, comfortable to carry, bright and colorful...perfect for summer! Great if you don't want to carry a handbag over your sholder or on your arm and just need your essentials

    Cons: Wish it was a bit wider. I'd like to be able to fit my cell in there. It isn't extremely large, but it's thicker than say..a razr. I also wish the inside compartment came with a zipper so I could stick some change in there without everything falling all over the place--for days where I don't feel like stuffing a mini skinny inside.

    Recommended? : Absolutely! I see it as my must-have item for summer. What's cuter than a tank, denim skirt and a colorful wristlet? SCREAMS summer fun to me!
  2. Coach Signature Stripe (or Multi-Stripe) Demi

    Price: $158 - 168 - retail
    Style Number: 10120

    Color: Various (Black, Khaki, Multi, etc)

    Pros: Very lightweight and comfortable to carry. Though small, don't let its' size deceive you! It has enough room to put your compact, blackberry or other cell phone, lip gloss, makeup items, keys, mini skinny and other misc. items. Also, the Multi-Stripe demi attracts a lot of positive feedback and compliments.

    Cons: If you have larger arms, this bag might not go over your shoulder easily-- only has about a 6 or 7" drop (enough for myself but not necessarily all people)

    Recommended? : Absolutely! The demi is one of my favorite Cach styles-- both trendy-chic, comfortable and classic. I receive many compliments when I carry it and have it in two colors because of the attention it receives.
  3. Neat idea! :smile:

    Legacy Shoulder Bag in Pond


    Style Number: 10328

    Color: Turquoise blue/Brass hardware

    Pros: Handy compartments on the outside - 2 pockets in front & 1 larger zippered pocket on the back. Inside - one small zippered pocket, and two "cell phone holder" areas in the front fabric. Soft, thick, "smooshy" leather just gets better with use. Pond color is GORGEOUS.... and very versatile!

    Cons: It really is a "shoulder bag"... While it is completely possible to be carried from the handle, I consider it to look kind of funny carried that way. Not an inconvenience for most people though - since it sits on the shoulder quite comfortably.

    Recommended? : 100% The shoulder bag is a great style, and the fun Pond color makes it even better!! If you're looking for one thing from the Legacy line, this is what I would choose.

  4. Legacy Wristlet in Pond


    Style Number: 40212

    Color: Turquoise blue/Brass hardware

    Pros: Gorgeous Pond color, matches perfectly with the Pond Shoulder bag and Satchel from the Legacy line. Pocket in front with turnlock closure adds an extra area to stow away a cell phone or store cards. Lovely striped lining makes you smiles everytime you open it up. :smile:

    Cons: It is smaller then it looks - and expensive for a wristlet as well. Worth the money if you are into the Legacy line though. It does NOT fit a checkbook, which was my original intention for it... however would be nice to keep "extras" in your bag or as a stand alone wristlet.

    Recommended? : A nice accessory from the Legacy line - would recommend it to people that are looking for something to match a Legacy bag, or appreciate the turnlock style.

    See picture above.
  5. Coach Hamptons Weekend Scribble Tote

    Price: $218 retail

    Style# 10674

    Color: Silver/Multicolor

    Pros: Large outside zipper pocket, large straps, sits comfortably on the shoulder, inside zip pocket, cell phone pocket, pretty roomy on the inside and the sides can be unsnapped to open the bag up for more space.

    Cons: The jacket-like zip closure only really goes about half way across the bag. The sides are left kind of open someone could possibly reach inside, or things could fall out.

    Recommended? Absolutely! The bright colors are fun and it screams spring/summer. Even though it's very colorful the hangtag and the straps really bring out all the pink which makes it a true girly girl bag. I love it!

  6. Carly Signature (medium)

    Price: $348

    Style: 10619

    Color: multiple, I have the black/black signature

    Pros: It holds a ton! I had my wallet, checkbook, makeup bag, camera, and a wristlet in it with room to spare! I also love the slouchiness!

    Cons: All the hardware may be a turn-off for some.

    Recommended: Definitely! I love mine!

    And here is the visual aid:

    Price: $298

    Style No: 10326

    Colors: I have Whiskey, White, Natural & Black are on now.

    Pros: The perfect small shoulder bag! Just roomy enough and has plenty of pockets (front pocket, zip pocket, & cell and flat pocket inside). It is just as big as the shoulder bag without the pockets, just one long one.

    Cons: I wish the strap was a little bit longer. Sometimes the buckle gets caught in a weird way and I can't fit it on my shoulder.

    Recommended: For sure! I have owned three legacy bags (flap & shoulder bag) and this one is my favorite for the functionality and price. Also, not as many people have it as the shoulder bag!


    Price : $278

    Style No: 10324

    Colors: Rose, Whiskey, White, Black

    Pros: Very cute! Uh.

    Cons: It's pretty small. And has the same drawbacks with the strap as above.

    Recommended? For $20 more, I'd go for the shoulder zip. It holds a TON more. But it is really cute. I picked mine up at an outlet for $175, but I don't know if I'd pay $278 for it.

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  10. Soho Signature Flap

    Price: $298 - retail
    Style Number: 10603

    Color: Silver/Khaki/Chestnut

    Pros: Not too long but a nice length shoulder bag. Fits the average amount of necessities but looks smaller on the outside. Coordinates well with a variety of clothing as a neutral. Nice amount of leather and wonderful stitching detail.
    Cons: Flap gets in the way of strap when trying to open. Awkward when opening to get things out because of how close on the shoulder it is. Can look busy if worn with graphic patterned clothing.

    Recommended? : Yes! Though a bit pricey for a smaller signature bag, it's an everyday bag that goes well with dressy/casual attire.

  11. [​IMG]

    Style #: 10764
    Style Type: Coach Ergo Signature Hobo
    Composition: Black signature jacquard fabric with black leather accents and contrasting stitching.
    Closure: Top zip closure with leather pull
    Approximate Dimensions: 13"(L) x 9"(H at the center) x 4.5"(W)
    Strap Details: Approximately 16" black leather strap. Drop length approximately 7".
    Hardware: Brass hardware
    Outside Features: Front pocket with snap closure.
    Inside Features: Inside zip pocket, multifunction pocket, cell phone pocket & ring to clip an accessory or keyfob
    Lining: Black fabric
    MSRP ~ $268.00 On now

    Pro's very roomy bag I have in my bag now, makeup case, checkbook wallet,skinnymini, calendar, cell phone, pill case.

    I like how it fits tucked right under my arm.

    con's can't think of anything I would change

    LOVE THIS BAG!!:wlae:
  12. Signature Stripe Swing Pack

    Style # 10129
    $118 on or in stores
    Also comes in the Khaki Signature fabric with Brown, Pale Blue or Punch trim, or Black Signature fabric with Black trim. Monogramming is available! Accessories to match are available too!

    Pros: Just the right size for running around the town doing errands, going to school, Saturday afternoon at the mall, etc. I love that it has not one, but two pockets, one on each side of the bag. It the perfect size to hold a skinny mini with my cards/cash/coins, keys, cell phone, small bottle of lotion, lip gloss, and a few other small things. The strap is adjustable so you can wear it with the strap short, on your shoulder, or the strap long, across the body. I love the patent leather details on the edge and zipper strap.

    Cons: none that I can think of. I have the white one and am a bit paranoid about getting it dirty, but the fabric is like a shiny smooth material so it should wipe off easy.

    Recommended: Yes!!
  13. yay! I am happy for this swing pack review, I am purchasing one very soon!
  14. I was wondering if we could resurrect this thread since there have been so many new purchases lately:smile:
  15. Good idea to resurrect it! I like reading reviews, it helps with future purchases.

    Here's my review:
    Vintage Ergo Hobo
    Style number: 11010
    Retail price: $478

    Pros: Very roomy hobo. Sits comfortably on the shoulder and isn't heavy. Beautiful, thick and supple leather. Develops lovely patina with time. Good for an everyday bag, casual or dressy.

    Cons: For those who do not like bags that scratch, this may not be for you. Scratches do rub out easily though. Some may find it too big but this bag hangs well on me so I find the size to be a pro not a con.

    Recommended: Yes! This is a beautiful bag with lots of room and looks great with just about everything! The leather is the most gorgeous, IMO, that Coach has to offer!