coach returns?

  1. hey everyone,

    i bought a tote from coach (via phone order) a month ago, but i've never used it. the tag is still on it. now....the question is, can i return it to the coach store and re-buy it with my 25% preferred customer coupon? do you guys think they would allow this?
  2. I guess you can do it-but, I wouldn't imagine that the store you return it to will allow you to turn right around and buy another one with your discount card that you just got. I think that is just too obvious. I would think return it to one store and buy it again from another if you want.
  3. well, but the only thing is that it's the beaded tote that is no longer available in stores. so, i couldn't buy it from another store. :sad:
  4. I would be really surprised if they let you do this, esp since it is already out of the store inventory. The only hope you have is if you have an SA there who is already your good friend, and even then, I would be very very surprised if they let you return and re-buy with the coupon.

    I had a similar situation with ELuxury once, where I bought an Marc by MJ bag there, and then about a month later, it went on sale for nearly half off. I asked them for a price adjustment, and they said no, because it had been over 14 days since I had bought it. But since you can still return within 60 days, I asked if I could return it and then re-buy it at the lower price. The SA on the phone got really quiet and then said, very nastily, "I suppose so." Heh. But what I actually ended up doing was 1) returning it (because I was so annoyed at it being cheaper so soon after buying it from them) and then 2) finding it at for even less $ than the ELux markdown price. Yay! I'm convinced it was handbag karma rewarding me for not doing the return/re-buy, even though technically I could have.
  5. In that case-i really don't see them allowing you to do that.
  6. I think it would be pretty hard to do if they are still not on the shelves. The SA probably won't let you return then rebuy anyway.
  7. i went to the coach store today and the SA was nice enough to let me return the bag (since i had never used it) and rebuy it with my 25% coupon! of course, i was also buying like 3 other things on top of my re-bought bag. so i'm a happy camper today :smile:
  8. Wow, that's great customer service! Out of curiosity, where was the Coach store you went to? :graucho:
  9. Yeah, what store let you do that? (I'm happy for you but still, I'm extremely surprised.)
  10. Wow-I can't believe they let you do that! I wonder if they would have been so accomodating if you weren't buying 3 other things. BTW-what else did you buy?
  11. yeah, i was surprised they let me do that too. actually, it was my mother's idea. she does stuff like that all the time at dept. store like bloomingdales, Neiman Marcus, etc. (she always makes friends with the SA).

    but...i also bought a black and white signature mini skinny (for myself) and my mother got the black leather checkbook wallet and the camel suede beaded tote.
  12. All Coach stores will let you do this. I worked there for 2 years and I am convinced that they will return anything!
  13. I'm glad it worked out in your favor!
  14. Wow that is great customer service
  15. You are lucky. Though yes they take anything back. They said that it is policy that you cannot REBUY it back if it has been more than 14 days.

    Yay! I am glad it worked out for you! :smile: