Coach Returns

  1. Hi everyone.

    I'm still pretty new with this forum. I have not posted on coach threads, but i am a fan for sure! :smile: I have many coach items and I love them. However, I had bought a wallet and a glasses case in 2005 at the Coach store and I've never used it, and now it's a waste as I am using a different wallet and will probably wont be using it. I tried to sell it but I could never get any buyers :sad:, and I was wondering what their return policy is. I checked the back of the reciept and it does not have a time frame as to when I have to return it by, I was wondering if I could still return it?
    it'll be so embarssing if I can :blush:

  2. I wouldn't try and return somthing that old - but that's just me. I think they would take it back - but I've only returned things a month or two old. You can always try. If not you could put it on eBay with no reserve and see what you can recoup. Or give it as a gift????
  3. try to return it in the store.. if you havent used it and you have the receipt, there should be no time frame
  4. return it! oh and about the embarrassed factor, you'll get over it if you get your money back. if you don't get your money back, then eBay it!
  5. They have an opened ended return policy, so return them!
  6. Return it! I've returned old stuff before without a receipt and they took it back no problem.
  7. thank you so much guys! i think i'll return it this week! you guys have been very helpful! :smile:
  8. totally return it and don't sweat it. their return policy is anytime with a receipt or store credit without. get your money or store credit!!!!! and don't be embarassed at all, they wont think twice