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Oct 8, 2007
Yes believe it or not i would like to return a purse that i recieved for my b-day. (i really want the Carly)
My mom doesnt have the reciept anymore, but she did leave the tag on. I know that i can still return it, i will just get store credit.
Problem she bought it at the boutique but i dont have one close to me, but we do have an outlet. Can i return the purse there and get her money back (as in the full price she paid)? Or will i end up getting the "outlet price"


C'est la vie!
Sep 20, 2007
Wellington, FL
I don't think the outlet will take it back at all. But I'm not sure, theres plenty of SAs on here that will gladly answer your question tho!!!!


Whiskey in a Teacup
Oct 31, 2007
Orange County
well if you can return factory store stuff to the boutique, i'm sure they would accept your full price return. there is no harm in asking right??? at least you would find out for sure.


Jul 4, 2007
They will let you return retail items at the outlet-Without the receipt, It will be at an outlet price. If it's a current item at retail, I think it's about 10% they will take off the price.


Jun 9, 2007
You can also return it to the Coach Returns department at Jacksonville by shipping it. I've done that a few times as the nearest Coach store is quite far from where I live. You could call up the Customer service dept (no. at the website) and ask what info you need to provide.


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Marcela posted the CS link

Where do I send my return?
We will be glad to refund or exchange any new and unused merchandise. You may return your item(s) to either a Coach Full Price Store or ship your item(s) to our Returns department.
New, unused Full Price merchandise may be exchanged or returned at any Coach Store with an original Coach receipt or mail order packing invoice.
New, unused Full Price merchandise may be returned for merchandise credit with a gift receipt.
New, unused Factory merchandise may be returned for merchandise credit only in Full Price stores with an original Coach receipt or gift receipt.
Price adjustments on previous purchases are not permitted.
Purchases made in a Coach store, on, or over the phone may not be returned to Department Stores. For locations of our Coach Full Price stores, please visit our online Store Locator . For items being sent to our Returns department, please be sure to ship your item by insured, traceable mail. This service is offered by UPS, USPS, and other carriers. Please include a note with your address and daytime phone number along with your instructions and a copy of your sales receipt or packing slip, and send to:

However, I don't see an answer to the original question.

From my experience I have done several returns of full-price purchases to a factory outlet (since it is closer), but for those I have always had a receipt.

If you don't have a receipt you can return to a full-price store no problem, but I am not sure what an outlet will do. Technically they should return it at the same (full-price) amount since the tags on the purse would be a full-price tag and not a factory tag, but I am not sure.

As someone else said, I would just go and ask, it never hurts to try :smile: