Coach return policy

  1. Give it a try, doesn't hurt to make an attempt!
  2. ITA - but Kohl's return policy rocks! :tup:

  3. My mom just informed me that she has a Cocah bag (that I gave her) unused from 2 years ago!! I've made plenty returns at Coach but never anything this old. I bought it full price but plan on returning it at an outlet - is this gonna be a problem?
  4. It should not be a problem, but I hope you have the receipt. Otherwise you will just get whatever the "current" outlet price (which is probably the lowest price) back as a merchandise credit. If you have a receipt (original or gift), you will get back what you paid.

    If you don't have the receipt you might want to ask what you would get back and then make the decision on if you want to return.
  5. Fortunately, there's a drawer in my file cabinet with all my Coach receipts. :biggrin:
  6. If you buy a Coach bag from a Macy's, Lord and Taylor's, or Nordstroms and have the receipt, can you return it any time like in the Coach boutiques?
    Just curious cause I bought a bag that I never used about a year ago from Lord and Taylor's.
  7. If you do not purchase the bag from Coach and purchase it from an authorized retailer such as a dept. store you have to follow the return policy of the dept. store you purchased it from. I am not sure what Lord and Taylor's return policy is as we don't have one on the west coast.
  8. You might check online at L&T's website, a lot of retailers post their return policy online. I don't know Lord & Taylor's, but a lot of the department stores have a pretty short timeframe for returns.
  9. ik macy's return policy is 180 days with tags attached and dustbag and receipt included. lord and talyor on their website says their return policy is only 90 days with or without a receipt.
  10. Hi. I have a med black leather carly and wanted to return it.

    Basically I was in love with it until I started using it. It's just not sturdy enough for me and it's hard for me to look for stuff. I have to dig!

    So I HAVE the receipt (from 1.5-2 yrs ago), the unattached tag, and its in super good condition and I have cleaned and polished it up very well.

    So I have all/most of the required items, question is, will they take it?

    Please help! Any advice is appreciated. My situation is one of the fine
  11. I remember Coach letting me return unused bags before as long as I had the receipt even if the tag was detached. In fact, half of the Coach items I've purchased have come with the tags detached to begin with. I know this doesn't really help the poster above but I'm going to return a bag this weekend with detached tags and I hope they will let me.
  12. I just found a purse in my closet with the tags still on it that was ummm, like 2 1/2 years old. It is the exact same color teal as my Sydney so I returned it no problem! I should add that I have every Coach receipt since my first purchase, so finding the receipt was not a problem. Always keep those receipts!
  13. how about returning an item without any tags and without a receipt, but the bag is new, never used?
  14. I think they will accept the return, but you will only get a merchandise credit. I am unsure of how they will determine how much you get back though.
  15. My niece returned a bag brand new but no receipt or tags and they let her.