Coach return policy

  1. I have got to say that Coach is the only company I have heard of with such a fantastic return policy! Fourteen months ago I bought a handbag at one of their boutiques. Loved the color, not the style so much but bought it for the color anyway (stupid purchase to begin with, I can see now). I finally decided it had to go and was about to eBay it when I read another thread that said you can return them even that late with no receipt (I only had the Visa statement it was on). So I took it back today, got store credit for it and purchased the blue Slim Carly for next to nothing! They were so nice about it (which was sweet, because I felt like an idiot for having to admit that I had bought this bag, never used it, and kept it in my closet for so long!) Really amazing CS!
  2. wow that is amazing!!!! if i buy a bag I immediatly rip tags off and begin using it. Im so much like a child when it comes to waiting!
  3. I agree with rendodan. I do the same, and sometimes I regret ripping the tags off so soon, when I realize the bag just wasn't me. But Coach's CS is certainly good, and I like that there's no limit on how many days I have to return it. It makes things more convenient, imo. Glad you got rid of the bag and got another that you love! Enjoy her!
  4. That is awesome!
  5. Yea Coach's return policy is about as liberal as Wal-Mart's is.
  6. yes that is why i love Coach so much! their return/exchange policy is great! especially their repair service, i know other designer brands you have to pay at your expense to repair a bag and they won't accept returns after awhile even with a receipt. i love Coach! and congrats on your exchange, can't wait to see pics!!
  7. I never remove the tags until I am ready to use it.
  8. I don't know about that, I had a harder time returning stuff at Wal-Mart than I do with Coach. I find the former store a lot more of a hassle than the latter. :confused1:
  9. I know, I LOVE Coach's CS and return as well as warranty, it is what keeps me a loyal customer! :tup:
  10. that is so true with walmart you almost have to give DNA anymore before they will take something back, i bought a camera and the charger was missing and they had to get 3 different people to look at it first then finally i got my money returned:cursing:

    as for coach's customer service just today I emailed them and asked about hangtags mine went missing yesterday from my ergo during a picnic:sad:, within 10 mins i had a responce asking for reg# hardware color and address, i sent them requested info and 2 mins later i received a responce saying it has been ordered I will receive it in 1-2 weeks! WOW im so happy Im getting a new hang tag!:smile:
  11. The only other store I know of with a great return policy is Costco.
  12. Oh yes, I agree with Costco/Sam's Club. I don't shop there (i don't have the card) but my parents frequent there and they seem to have no problems returning anything. Which is cool! Nice return policies like these makes things heckuva lot easier for customers.

    Yeah, totally. I remember hearing stories that you have to make up like, A REALLY, REALLY good excuse to make Wal-Mart accept your return/exchange. Such a pain in the butt. I remember telling them that I wanted to return an item because I changed my mind (this happened a long time ago, so I don't remember what the item was exactly), but they like, refused to return the item!! I got so upset! I vowed never to shop there again unless I was absolutely sure I wanted to keep the item. :sad:

    Coach's customer service is amazing. I love how speedy they are when responding to emails! I tried to email them about the products sold on the Japan Coach site, and was surprised how they were able to tell me the price and the availability of the item so quickly. I love it!:nuts:
  13. Don't get too excited yet because will most likely not get the exact one that you lost. :tdown: Coach will always send a replacement when one is requested but lately they've been sending out all-metal hangtags that match your bag hardware. You might have better luck going to your nearest boutique.
  14. I have no clue if there is even a boutique around me, I have searched and I only come up with a macy's 1 1/2 hrs away and my wonderful little outlet 25 mins away. I hope they send me the right one:cursing:
  15. I bought a wallet at a coach store yesterday and was wondering if I can return it. I took the tags off though but I still have the receipt :smile: HELP!