Coach Return Policy

  1. Does anyone know what the return policy is at the Coach boutiques? I bought a bag in September and never used it. Is it too late to return it? I have the tags and receipt.
  2. They have a very lenient return policy - you can definitely still return it!
  3. Quick question... sorry to butt into your post, I didn't want to start a new thread for something that is kinda related to this....

    If you have something for a while, but never use it, etc.... Do you feel bad for taking it back??

    I have a few things that I am thinking of taking back (new, still in bags, never used, have receipts)... but when I start to load them up... I feel kinda bag for the SA... who helped me pick them out, etc... I don't know if I feel bag enough to not return them, if I'm not using them - but its almost like I feel... obligated to try to get something else??? Am I crazy here...? (More than likely the answer is, yep.) :smile:
  4. You can return it anytime, but to recieve cash/card return, you would need your original receipt. Otherwise, it would be a store credit.
  5. ^ yup, she's right.
  6. Another quick related question -

    If I ordered something from the website, could I return it to a boutique?

    Thanks for any help!
  7. yup, just bring it in with the invoice/packing slip.
  8. I completely understand how you feel, and you're not crazy (well, maybe I'm saying that b/c I feel the same way). However, I look at it as Coach prides itself on customer service so you shouldn't feel bad about returns - you're not trying to scam your way into anything and if you're not using the bags, then no use just storing them. As far as feeling obligated to get something else, don't. We spend plenty of money at Coach, so even if you don't get something right then and there, I'm sure you'll be back sooner or later. Plus, once you return the bags, I'm sure Coach will be able to sell them via an outlet.
  9. actually they are GREAT with returns and stuff.. for them the customer satisfaction is the most important thing! :o)
  10. I have to agree I bought a wallet put it in a drawer and never used it and I forgot I even had it. I was never going to use it. I still had the original receipt and they took it back no problem
  11. I was told that as long as it was unused and I had receipt, I could return it anytime. That is probably the most generous return policy I have seen.
  12. these tips are good to know,thank you ladies!