Coach return from phone order

  1. If I ordered a bag over the phone, so all I have is the packing slip for a receipt, will they give me a $$ refund, or store credit?

    I need the money!! TIA.

    Btw it doesn't even say the $ amount on the slip, it says $0.00 :-\!!!
  2. i actually have the same question. hope you get an answer!
  3. Did you order right before the event? Someone called and invited me to shop before the event and said I could do it by phone... I might regret that now.
  4. Hmmm...I ordered from a boutique over the phone for the PCE and they sent an actual store receipt with the amounts along with my items!
  5. i don't really know thats a good question....
  6. There's a *chance* that if you take it back to the store you ordered it from, that they could return it for the original form of payment. BUT, they would have to look up the transaction number up and everything. I did that for 2 bags I returned that I bought during PCE. I had made a phone order and they never sent me a receipt. :sad: I was totally worried that they wouldn't give me the credit back to my credit card. But they did. Just make sure you tell them that the SA never mailed you your receipt, and as long as they can look up the information in their system, you should be good.

    Good luck!
  7. Thanks!
  8. Let us know how it works out for you. ;)
  9. In the past, I've just taken item and paperwork received in mail package into (any) boutique store and they've looked up transaction and credited my card.
  10. Definately shouldn't give you cash.

    Just refund to credit card used in transaction or store credit. And you need to have the credit card you used with you.
  11. Yep, you can return items you place via a phone order, online, or the 888Coach in your local boutique. As long as you have the tags, cards, dustbag, etc...Just like it came. If you don't have a receipt that shows the amount or credit card you used they will look it up. I've had them call 1888Coach and ask them what card I used to validate it even though I had the online invoice that Coach sent with my bag because on the slip it just says VISA. You should have no problem. Don't worry.
  12. I returned a phone order once and didn't have the actual receipt - only the packing slip. My SA was able to look it up but she told me that the phone orders cannot be looked up forever and there is about a two-week window that they can look them up to give you credit in the original form of payment.
  13. Oh no of course back to my Master Card.

    Oh no, two weeks? I hope that's from the time it ARRIVED. Hmm let me count... hmmm reason to worry.
  14. I wouldn't worry about the 2 week window because I've returned things that were way past 2 weeks and they were still able to look it up. I've returned things that were 3 months old and when the lady called the 888 number, she started laughing because the CS said which order she has a lot starting from 2003 to now? They were laughing because the SA asked "which card did she use on her order?" and the CS laughed because I have placed a lot of orders and she didn't know which she was talking about. So they are able to look up years ago also.

    Don't worry. Just try to return it and you'll realize you were worrying for nothing.
  15. great answers. will have to run COACH errands now hehehe.