Coach Return/Exchange story from He**!!!! w/pics(very long!!)


C'est la vie!
Sep 20, 2007
So I Posted yesterday telling you all the I had bought the Hamptons swingpack, and zoey got a new collar. Well the collar had to go back to exchange for a bigger size. I was out running errands earlier today and decided to do all of my exchanges @ the store by where I was going to be (not my regular boutique)

I was returning my Samantha sunglasses that I never wore to get the new Taryn style. Easy exchange..... you would think!!
And Miss. Large Chelsea Hobo went back too, she has been sitting in my closet since I bought her so I took her back and got the cash for it.
And my Sig-Stripe accordian zip around wallet was going back too (too big)

So I get to the boutique and tell them I have a return... and a couple exchanges for store credit.
The Manager told me that she couldn't give me back the cash ($223+tax) Beacause it was more than they were allowed to return in a sale (bullcrap!!!)
So I proceeded to exchange my sunglasses for the Taryns. At first she had NO idea what I was talking about and then looked them up on the computer and said "Oh, we can have them shipped to you." But she took 5 minutes examning the glasses first, which I have NEVER worn and told me, well they have makeup on them are you sure they're new? B*tch!!! I had to try them on at one point, excuse me!!! So that kinda made me even more mad.
The exchanged zoey's collar no problem. But then they threw a fit about me returning the swingpack and the wallet. So I told them, just give me the store credit I'll get my bags and the new wallet another time. They gave me the money and I left.

Then I drove 16 miles just to go to my regular boutique to return the Chelsea and use my credits. I was NOT giving the sale to those snobs!!!!
They returned my bag no problem, got the cash for that.
I had told the manager @ this store about the horrible problem I had, and when we went to use my credits I had noticed she refunded me for the dog collar even tho I only exchanged it. $51 so I told the manager that the other SA made a mistake, and she told me, don't worry about it, it's a discount to you for what a horrible experience you had @ the other store. (see karma strikes again!!!)

LONnnnnnnnng Story short........ I ended up buying the Legacy Shoulder Bag in Whiskey, with the matching slim envelope wallet.
That'll teach me to stray away from my normal store!!!





C'est la vie!
Sep 20, 2007
And to top off the crappy day..... I checked the status of my repair when I was @ the store, and they couldn't repair it.

So R.I.P Miss Blue Signature stripe reversable tote :sad:

You will be missed :sad::sad::sad:
Aug 2, 2006
oohhh man! I am so sorry you had to go through that.. what a wench!!! :devil: I agree, that is totally karma because you were honest and forthcoming and those people were jerks... hope it made it a little more worth it! Your new things are beautiful and I love the dog collar!!! :tup:


C'est la vie!
Sep 20, 2007
the pocket that hangs out when you reverse it had a big hole in it, the stiching had come out, and the corners were fraying. maybe they didn't have the color thread to restitch it??? I'm waiting for the letter to find out exactly why.
Apr 25, 2007
aww, I'm so sorry that you had to go through all that! Some boutiques are just better than others, I guess.

I love the new stuff you got though!!!! Congrats on those, I think the shoulder bag is a GREAT Choice!!

It's too bad they cannot fix your tote!:crybaby: I love that color! I have the wristlet in that color and I have wanted to get my hands on one of those totes for the longest time! Are they going to give your money back(store credit) for it at least?


Jun 11, 2007
Candace I am soooooooo sorry about what you went thru at that snobby boutique! GEEZ! But, at least you brought home a beautiful bag and wallet!!!! And I am sorry to hear about your tote as well....that STINKS!!!! I know how much you loved that tote! Maybe you can buy it in another color????


Mar 29, 2007
I'm so sorry to hear about that--it's a huge bummer, but I'm glad to hear you got proper treatment at the other boutique. I love your choices, though...whiskey legacy leather is my all time favorite Coach! Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!

So, did you get the other stripe tote on eBay?:graucho: