Coach retail therapy :)

  1. I am currently doing a bit of retain therapy and was just browsing on the net and decided to go on the COACH homepage for the first time. Coach isn't that big in Europe or Australia so that's why I never really checked it out. And I have to say- I absolutely love sooooooo many of their items! Their bags, shoes, scarfs etc are (nearly) all absolutely fabulous and affordable. I just moved to NYC and my nice leather handbags were drenched twice on the way home from work so I decided to get a non-leather bag for work. And I imediately fell in love with the black Hampton Shopper from Coach and bought it. :yes: So now I have my eyes on a bag that's a bit more colourful because my bags ended up being mainly brown, white and black so I was wondering if anyone has this colourful Coach Scribble (I think that's what it is called, right?) bag and how you like it? Ebay no:190029598887

    Coach Hampton.jpg
  2. a little retail therapy never hurt anyone! :smile:
    as for the bag, i have that same style, but in the small tote. while i love it (first bag my [now] ex bought me), i wouldn't buy another one. i look at other people with theirs and it seems they have the same problem: keeping it clean and not getting dingy.
    don't get me wrong, it's a lovely bag. but maybe look into something else if you need an everyday bag?
    but, at the same time, it's a BIN for $115. can't beat that.
  3. I own the bag you put up in the thumbnails, I love the Hampton's tote bag, so many compartments and very roomy, the SA told me when I got mine that is was reversiable, though I am afraid to do that as the intereior is the white with black C's. Needless to say I purchased mine back in july for under $70.00 at the Coach Outlet (It was a steal). No complaints on the bag at all. I even purchased a matching black and white wallet from a very trusted selller on ebay:love: !

    Good luck!
  4. I purchased the scribble zip around wallet at Coach this summer because it goes with summer colors. I really love the zip around and the feel of the wallet but it does look a slightly dingy already.
    That is a cute bag though!
  5. I have the Coach Scribble Hobo but the small version. I like it, it's really colorful, but I'm afraid that I'm going to get the fabric dirty. One of the ladies I talked to at the outlet where I purchased it said that if it ever gets dirty, to put a little soap on it and things will wash right out. Thankfully I haven't gotten it dirty yet. :smile:
  6. Soap and water is great! I dropped ice cream on my straw hobo at the beach and when we got back to our place I went to the sink with soap and water and you can never tell my 6 year old dropped ice cream on my bag!! Got to love that!!
  7. I have that tote in the largest size. I got it at the outlets recently. Haven't used it yet but I'm excited to. It's huge! That one seems like a smaller size, which lots of people prefer. I tend to go for huge bags (I carry the Speedy 35 as an everyday bag).

    I have the scribble hobo. It's such a cute fun print! I'm trying to get a tote and a mini skinny now. Not sure if I ever will get it for the price I want but I'm watching eBay like a hawk!
  8. Thanks for all of your responses. The cleaning tips were also really handy.;) I bought it now cuz I really like it and will let you how I go with it. Can't wait for it to come:yes: . I really, really like COACH now and will probably be buying more products in the future:heart: ( I also really like the scarfs and ballerinas...)
  9. a lady at macys said woolite and those new bleach pens work wonders...i could do woolite, but no bleach is ever coming near my bags!
  10. I just received my black Haptons work bag and LOVE it!!!:love: It's so perfect! I can't believe how nice COACH bags are and that I didn't know them before! I used to be into LV and Gucci but I like that these bags are sooo pretty and affordable! I am currently waiting on the multicoloured large hobo scribble and the khaki coloured one as well!:rolleyes: Enough retail therapy for the next month! Thanks for your responses! I have the feeling that I'll be back!;)