Coach Retail Store Shoe Sales?

  1. Hi Ladies,
    I think Coach slashes their shoe prices twice a year. I remember seeing them sometime around the July timeframe and was told it would be slashed again. Does anyone have insight on the timing of the sales? I'd love a couple of pairs of boots, but definitely am not willing to pay the current prices.
  2. i got my coach boots right after xmas. they were 50% off.
  3. Nordstrom Rack always has tons of coach shoes. Also Saks off 5th.
  4. My significant other used to work for Coach -- the actual Coach stores never have sales. Unless they've changed their policy recently!
  5. they do have sales occasionally but it might only items they are going to discontinue. I got a pair of boots there that were on sale but they were mens and they have very little mens stuff anymore so they were prolly on the chopping block to be discountinued or out of season
  6. Hmmm.... interesting. What store was it? They weren't supposed to do that! They are supposed to send it to the outlets.

    Their official policy is to not have sales in the retail stores.

    Here's the CEO of Coach in an earnings conference earlier this year:

    "First for Coach, our factory store channels is equivalent to our diffusion brands. We never go on sale in our full price and our accessories concept. If someone wants to buy Coach on sale, they need to go to a factory store outlet. In fact, about 80% of sales in North America we estimate are purchased on discount. ..."

    They've got to maintain their "luxury" image.
  7. The coach stores in boston occasionally have shoes and boots on sale. i have never seen the handbags on sale except when i get the 25% discount card
  8. Not true, shoes were on sale at the boutiques last May or June - 20% off I believe. It included orders, not just store stock... I ordered a pair of flip flops.
  9. My boots were purchased at the Rodeo Dr. store in Beverly Hills. So much for their "luxury" image.
  10. I used to see shoes at the Coach outlets a few years ago, but they don't do that anymore. I have bought probably 3 or 4 pairs at 50% at the Coach boutique and I do know they still go on sale at the boutique. Perhaps the CEO was talking about the rest of their accessory concepts as I have never seen bags or small leather goods go on sale. The stores I have seen sales for shoes only are in the Coach boutiques in San Diego Fashion Valley, San Francisco Union Square, and Costa Mesa South Coast Plaza.
  11. I have bought multiple pairs of shoes for sale in the store in Palo Alto -- they were men's but they were instore and on sale.
  12. That must be the answer! Poor shoes have nowhere else to go! I have no idea what an "accessory concept" is. I have not even been inside Coach stores very often! I used to get sample or deeply discounted purses brought home to me by my sweetie . . . sadly, those days are over now. And I'm SPOILED, 'cause now I have high standards but don't want to pay any money. Wah!!
  13. Shoes are the only things that ever go on sale in the boutiques.
  14. i saw a few pairs of flats on sale at coach today. not amazing price cuts, they were still over $100.
  15. I got a GC to coach and really want a pair of boots... anyone know a good time to try for them on sale? :graucho: